May. 16th, 2013

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(Yeah, it's a late post. :P )

So like idiots, my husband and I forgot to take any pictures this year! :P We went 2 days, while the oldest was on the Cape with the Latin Club.

Friday the little one ran around in his Rainbow Dash outfit and got the hall judges (construction, so he wasn't eligible), to take a picture of him. I had really wanted to go to the cosplay bellydancing panel, but unfortunately I was just getting out of work when it started. Poo. We conned my mother into putting the little guy to bed for us, so we could head back to the "Mary Sues, Canon Defilement, and Other FanFiction No Nos" panel at 9. If you've can open powerpoint, you can download the presentation from the link. We were dying! Between the presenter's delivery, and the "epic readings" of such things as "legolas by laura the motion picture" and "50 Shades of Gray as read by Duke Nukem" I almost pulled a muscle in my side trying not to cackle.

Saturday we broke Starscream out of stasis for one last run before he outgrows it, much to the delight of people who remembered him from last year. He snuck in to the Cosplay Deathmatch as a late entry - he didn't know what it was until after the first 2 matches, so he didn't want to sign up at first. Big shock, the 7 year old Starscream won. He was up against some really good cosplayers, too. I think my husband actually got video of that, so I'll have to pester  him when he gets up.

And on Monday I discovered Adagio Teas, specifically their Fandom Blends - user created blends, usually along a theme like Dr. Who, My Little Pony, etc. Since I got a card with $50 for all the running around I saved the auctioneer from the equipment auction on Sunday, I plan to get on of the sampler sets. :)

So now I have to get off my butt & back to my writing, sewing, and finally getting my graphics together for RedBubble. :P


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