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2037-11-09 09:56 am

And you open the door and step inside ...

OK, I've never seen Fight Club. I just like the clip. ^_^

Rambling introduction is rambling.

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2013-07-12 06:17 pm

Evolution of an OC

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I should make these people as Sims & turn them all loose.

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2013-07-10 08:12 pm
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Emotional hazards of writing

I was playing with a scene in my head while at work. I don't know if I'll ever use it, in any context, but I think I have to. 

The basic premise is the MacGuffin dragged the current viewpoint character into an alternate dimension very similar to her "home" one. (Technically, her's is the AU to the main story. She didn't survive in the main line.) She thinks this is pretty cool, finds a younger brother (who was never born in her world, since she lived to grow up), has escapades, etc, etc.

Then some of "her" people come through, looking for her. And it turns out she's been there too long, and if she tried to go back, it'd kill her. She's stuck. I have this one image of them saluting each other, right before the rest go home and leave her there. Forever.

She left friends behind. Her mother is going to be told she was essentially lost in action, with no body to bury. But she's not dead. And she can't tell anyone that, and no one else will/is allowed to.

All of a sudden it hits her that she's on the other side of the looking glass for keeps. Everything she ever knew up till about a year ago is gone, beyond reclaiming. 

This isn't the grief of a lost love, or a parent, or a child. This is literally her entire world. Here, her mother buried her when she was 3 days old. None of the people she knew know her. They're the same, but not.

And seeing it through her eyes, trying to craft that hollow feeling that she's alone, yeah, I had to work very hard not to start bawling at work. I couldn't exactly tell everyone I was grieving on behalf of a fictional character I created and was currently torturing.

I might not have had a job after that. :D

Of course, then there are the moments when characters get snarky and I have to try not to giggle madly at random an/or inopportune times.

´╗┐Anyone else have this kind of issue? 
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2013-06-15 08:56 pm
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 Just got our annual escrow statement for the mortgage. It turns out that because the city taxes are going down for the next year, our payment is going down by $100 a month for the next year! Even better, when I first glanced at the stub at the bottom, I though that's how much they were asking us for, to cover the upcoming shortfall. Then I read the statement and realized it was a check!    

What a wonderful surprise right before our vacation! 

(:waits for something to blow up/fall down/Murphy: XD )

Also, Holy $%^&, 3 posts in 1 day? O_o
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2013-06-15 06:48 pm
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Things I have noticed about my chickens...

 Apparently, the piece of bread still in my hand is far tastier than the 8 identical bits scattered around for them to munch. No lie, 4 hens clustered around me, ignoring the bread at their feet, so they can nom the one I was holding. 

And apparently Jenny is the alpha bitch, because only those she approved of were allowed to come eat out of my hand without a peck to the head. (I'd feel bad for the denied & toss them a little extra on the sly.)
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2013-05-27 03:38 pm
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Neutral Good, huh?

OK, someone posted this a week or 2 back (maybe more!) and like a dolt, I've left the window open, promising myself I'd post my results "later". :P 

I Am A .... )
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2013-05-22 06:44 pm
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Dear buns...

 As cute as it is, when you all tumble all over each other, I can't pick one out to focus on & write. Please form a line or at least agree to take turns.

(Also, you spawn some unholy crossovers when you all pile together.)


Your Writer.
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2013-05-18 02:00 pm
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Things that seem like a good idea at 3 AM

My brain, it is a special place. )


I see a lot of "What if Jet never saw Iroh heating his tea?" fics, but I haven't yet found any "What if the fight ended before the Dai Li showed up?"

I have strong faith in Iroh's ability to talk anyone down if he chooses (combined with the Dai Li penchant for "keeping the peace" - they'd pick Jet up when it won't be as big a fuss), and I've always loved this line (badly remembered) from some romance novel I read years ago: "It had been her experience that men would do their best to bash each other skulls in, and, failing that, would promptly become the best of friends. They usually celebrated this by becoming cock-eyed drunk."

I strongly doubt Jet & Zuko would "promptly become the best of friends" or that Iroh would let them get plastered together, but the idea still stuck. :)

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2013-05-16 02:44 pm

BAMCon 2013

(Yeah, it's a late post. :P )

So like idiots, my husband and I forgot to take any pictures this year! :P We went 2 days, while the oldest was on the Cape with the Latin Club.

Friday the little one ran around in his Rainbow Dash outfit and got the hall judges (construction, so he wasn't eligible), to take a picture of him. I had really wanted to go to the cosplay bellydancing panel, but unfortunately I was just getting out of work when it started. Poo. We conned my mother into putting the little guy to bed for us, so we could head back to the "Mary Sues, Canon Defilement, and Other FanFiction No Nos" panel at 9. If you've can open powerpoint, you can download the presentation from the link. We were dying! Between the presenter's delivery, and the "epic readings" of such things as "legolas by laura the motion picture" and "50 Shades of Gray as read by Duke Nukem" I almost pulled a muscle in my side trying not to cackle.

Saturday we broke Starscream out of stasis for one last run before he outgrows it, much to the delight of people who remembered him from last year. He snuck in to the Cosplay Deathmatch as a late entry - he didn't know what it was until after the first 2 matches, so he didn't want to sign up at first. Big shock, the 7 year old Starscream won. He was up against some really good cosplayers, too. I think my husband actually got video of that, so I'll have to pester  him when he gets up.

And on Monday I discovered Adagio Teas, specifically their Fandom Blends - user created blends, usually along a theme like Dr. Who, My Little Pony, etc. Since I got a card with $50 for all the running around I saved the auctioneer from the equipment auction on Sunday, I plan to get on of the sampler sets. :)

So now I have to get off my butt & back to my writing, sewing, and finally getting my graphics together for RedBubble. :P

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2013-05-02 09:55 pm

Kids are awesome

So my kids have been on an Avatar: The Last Airbender kick lately. The little guy wants to be Aang for Halloween. Cool. Orange & yellow, a bald cap & some makeup, a stick; we can do this.

So I ask if Daddy & I can be Iroh & Aunt Wu. (I tried to convince my husband to do pimp!Iroh. No luck. :P ) He says no, he wants us to do Katara & Sokka. I pointed out that I wouldn't be able to kiss Daddy while we were in costume, since Sokka & Katara are brother & sister. He thought about that for a minute, and said:

"OK. Daddy can be Zuko. You still have to be Katara."

My kids are awesome. XD
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2013-01-26 09:34 pm

Oh gods, get me off Pinterest!

It doesn't help that my husband likes to check out the DIY boards too.

So far, I'm going to water the garden with wine bottles (hmmm ... wonder if I can fit watering nipples on those for the chickens...), make book shelves out of the many pallets we have hanging around, mix up some homemade laundry detergent (this one I might actually do. We use a lot), make bath salts/scrubs I'm tempted to eat, and build racks to finally organize my pantry. And that's just today! LOL

Yeeeaaaaahhhhh, I need help. XP
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2013-01-16 05:45 pm
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Boring medical stuff

Cut because boring. Blah. )

TL/dr: life's a bitch and so am I. :P

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2013-01-09 10:11 pm
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Dear Self,

It is extremely hypocritical to tell your kids," It doesn't matter if it's crap. Just write and fix it later," if you're not willing to do it yourself. Quitcherbitchin and put pen to paper.


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2013-01-07 07:07 pm
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Meeting with the teacher

So my youngest was identified as "Autistic, Non-Specified" some time ago. Basically, it boils down to: "He seems to be wired differently, but damn-all if we can pigeon hole him." While I don't like slapping labels on kids just because they're a bit different, on the upshot, the label at least means the teachers & staff take a slightly better hold of their tempers when he goes squirrelly on them. He's also getting a bit better about a lot of crap - mostly social - that he had a hard time with last year.

One thing we still have a hard time with is him doing his writing homework. I mentioned in the meeting today that he, his brother, and I all have stretches where any attempt to physically create words is like hitting a wall. I can bounce ideas off them, pull out the word and stitch them togetehr, so they can write down the finished product, but getting them to do it themselves, even if they can tell me verbally what they want to say, just doesn't work.

The advisor there mentioned "dysgraphia"* and I have to wonder if there might be touches of that in here. Not in the "can't write legible words" flavor, but just the "it's not just writer's block, because I have the entire thing word-for-word in my head" flavor. The one I mentioned yesterday where I can't make the words translate from my brain to my hand.

Of course, because my bull-all stubborness, this means that I've now got a fire lit under me to write every day, even if it never again sees the light of day. Damned if I know what I'm going to do for the kids.

On an unrelated note, I want Shakespeare on my Kindle. Anyone know any good, free copies?
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2013-01-05 11:39 am

Killing the words softly...

Ever have one of those days where you can see the scene perfectly in your head? There's no fuzzy "Should he do this? Should she do that?" waffling over plot or anything? You can hear the dialogue, and the description is just there?

But the moment you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard it just evaporates? And you try to write it anyway, but it's crap, so you delete it or throw it out (or maybe even kill it with fire)?

Yeah, I've been having months like that. Just glad we have lots of cheap notebooks.

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2013-01-03 04:38 pm
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Late to the gorram party

Over the winter break, I finally got to watch Firefly & Serenity. (Thank you, DVR!) My best friend has only been after me to watch it for the past, I don't know, forever? Anyway, as part of the marathon, there were pop ups on the last 2 eps - like Pop-Up Video. One mentioned that there was a mini Han Solo in carbonite in each episode.

And dammit, I can still only find the one that was pointed out! (Heart of Gold, behind Mal when he's cleaning his guns in the kitchen, if you were wondering.)

Of course, this simply means repeated viewings of each episode is required. Such a hardship. ^_~

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2012-12-19 06:21 pm
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Cards away!

OK, all cards but 1 are out (I was missing an addy, but I found it, so that's going tomorrow)! Was only off my "deadline" by a few days. A new record! LOL I was going to add "hanger" hooks to the ornaments, but I figured the Post Office would be unhappy with envelopes stuffed with twisted wires. :P

I have plenty of cards left (if maybe not enough time to make more ornaments), and I'm itching to send them out. XD If you want one, drop by the screened post (or PM me) with your address, and I'll pop one in the mail! :D