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I took a dive into my photos, and found one I took a few years ago, early spring. Since Spring is making an attempt to knock Winter off the mountain here, I thought it was fitting.

(And I figured out a faster way to get Gimp to copy & align the sections! Yay me! \o/ LOL) )

I have a larger, high(er) quality version saved, in case I do decide to make prints. ^_^


Feb. 17th, 2012 05:44 pm
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I have successfully created my first "mandala" out of a photo! I has a happy! :D

Many many moons ago, I visited a site called Earth Mandalas and downloaded every mandala there. Unfortunately, while the site is still up, it's not active. I promised myself that Someday I would make my own. Well, I finally did it! I made a mandala out of this pic from the Astronomy Pic of the day, and now I'm hopelessly lost. I can see at least 3 more in that image alone, plus how many years has NASA been posting? ROFL!

Maybe if I make enough, I'll do cards or something. <3

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Look what my husband drew! )

OK, so he banged it out before dinner last night to try to make our little one smile (it didn't work until this morning), and he was using the Allspark Almanac for reference. But! He claims he can't draw bots at all, so here's hope that the power of the 5 year old can compel him. I know if he just practiced, he could come up with some awesome stuff (even if he is colorblind).

Of course, now I have to make a bunch of copies so our son can color himself a whole set of seekers. ^_~

Art spam!

Nov. 9th, 2010 06:02 pm
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Jumping on the posting-fanart-bandwagon. The problem is, it was hard to pick a fave. So have 5 behind the cuts.

Most of my faves are cracky/funny:
Some are just really cool:

And then you get ones that are just Woah!

I don't care if this ever went on sale; I'd print & cut my own!
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That pic I was coloring a little while ago? The chapter it went with was finally posted today, and guess what? My "Let's give baby 'Warp a bath and make him super shiny" cheat for highlighting fit into the story perfectly.   And all without any backstory on the pic other than it's a toddler Skywarp.

Go read. It's a wonderful fic about everyone's favorite Seeker trine as kids, trying to survive a big, bad world. ^_~


And the pic itself:

Wanting to Paint - colored
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Decided (for some yet to be determined reason) to try my hand at coloring and dug out my husband's tablet. He's hopeful that I'll be good at it and can color some of his work, since it's such a fragging pain for him. Colorblindness sucks. Downside is, I can't exactly work on his stuff in the family room. :cough:

So I decided to try my hand at one of Inu-Princess's sketches, only to find out that Seashore will work in layers, but flattens the image for saving. :headdesk: 6+ hours of fiddling wasted. Oh well. I'm actually happy with how it's coming out, but I'll probably screw up the highlights somehow. At least I'm happy with the paint puddle. XD

Wanting to Paint by ~Inu-Princess on deviantART

Is it bad that I want to name one rooster Red Alert and the 3 black fluffy ones after Seekers? ^_^


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