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Say it with me, boys and girls:

My Kindle cover has pirate skulls on it. ^_^

I needed a cover for my Kindle Fire. The problem was, every one I saw was ugly, expensive, or both. Bleh!

I looked around for DIY covers, but all the hardback ones I found required sacrificing an innocent book in order to use its broken husk as a base. :(

Then I remembered, waaaaay back when I was a little geek (not the big geek I am now), doing a particular project in 4-H. We covered a plain looking photo album with fabric & padding, to make it look pretty. In fact, I think I can still locate it, if it survived the basement.

Anyway! I realized I have cardboard, duct tape, fabric, glue, and the know-how! I don't need no one else's stinkin' plans! :D

So, without further gilding the lily, here's my Pirate Skull Kindle Cover, start to finish:

Image heavy :) )

The outside fabric was left over from making a bandana for my husband, since a) he needed them for work and didn't like any of the ones for sale, and b) he had a hard time finding ones that fit. The inside fabric was left over from a corset-like top I made for myself. (Between the measuring and the sewing, I apparently lost enough weight that it's not snug anymore. :P)

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Well, I spent just too long at the used book store and missed the mail truck. Seriously, it was pulling away just as I came over the hill to our driveway. Doh! (If you want a cheesy lenticular gradeschool valentine, drop your addy over at this screened post and I'll add you to the list. There's a LJ crosspost if you're not on DW. ^_^)

I had an idle thought thread about how door-to-door mail service is something we take for granted. There was something on the History Channel a while back about how, at one point, mail delivery outside your local village required finding someone who was headed to that particular town, and then hoping they remembered the landmark-based directions you gave them days ago. And now it's niggling at me because there's something there to work with, but I'm not sure what.

Back to the bookstore. I have a list of books/authors I keep an eye out for, mostly in sci-fi & fantasy genres, but there are rows and rows of other books, some I've heard of, some not. And even though they're cheaper used, I'm still leery of buying "sight unseen", as it were.

I'll update my Shelfari eventually to reflect my "have read" and "own" lists, but in the meantime, what would you recommend, in any category, dear f-list? I may be partial to sci-fi and fantasy, but every time I think I don't like a genre, I can think of 2-3 books that would fall in it that I do like, sooooo. XP


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