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There is white stuff falling from the sky and sticking.  It's not even Halloween yet! Not fair!

Yes, I'm used to this. I've lived here my whole life. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Speaking of Halloween )

I took the older one for X-rays on his finger yesterday morning. 8:40 AM and the doc says we're her 3rd X-ray of the day already. Ummm, yay? Fortunately, it's just a sprain, but that does mean he has to keep it wrapped and splinted for a few days. I swear, it seemed like it took longer to get it through his head that, "No, you can't play sports with it on." "Yes, you have to keep it on." "No, you can't take it off for gym and then put it back on." "Yes, we really mean that!" than anything else. (Except maybe waiting for the radiologist to look at the X-ray.) You would have thought we kicked his puppy in front of him when he finally got it. Yeesh. XP
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Let's see:

The ground's still soaked since Irene.

It's been raining since Monday.

Today's supposed to be the heaviest rain.

Yay! Bonus basement flooding. Awww, and I thought we were done for the year.

GDI, FML, and all that jazz.
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Well, today may have been my last day at my temp job. I'm technically available Monday, but looking at the weather ... I don't know if the place will have power or not.  It was a lot of fun, and I'll head back next summer (as long as there's work to do), but I'm going to miss the people there. OTOH, I can't complain about a job that has school hours, literally! I just hope I get a permanent position. Makes budgeting so much easier.

I started cleaning the yard for Irene almost as soon as I got home, with a small break to go grab McD's for the boys. After 3-4 really cute voicemails from my youngest this week begging for it (including one where he roped my mother into calling!), I caved. This ... may take a while. Hopefully, when this is done, the yard will stay clean for a while. *coughbullshitcough* I give it 3 days before there are hoses, pails, and other assorted farm junk all over the place, while I get bitched at about the place looking like "the town dump". Tomorrow is dash over to the house we own, pull in the A/C and trash cans (not much left outside, anyways), wish I had plywood for windows, dash back here to clean the yard and burn more deadfall before the wind gets it, and spend the night clearing off the floor.

Mostly, I'm worried about the chickens. I'm clearing out the basement, and if the wind reports are bad enough, screw it. I'm getting the bigger cages and dragging them inside. The coop they're in only has chicken wire walls between metal ribs, and a plastic roof. They may be unhappy, and the chickens may be unhappy too, but I don't care.

Oh, and my youngest is adorable (as related by my mother):
Devon: "Grandma! Thank goodness you're home! I need your help with Grammie!"
Mom: "Really? What's wrong?"
Devon: "She said she was going to shoot me! I just wanted to show her a really neat caterpillar [by bringing it into her room]!"
Mom: [laughing] "That's just an expression. She was exaggerating because she was upset."
Devon: "Oh! I didn't know she could lie!" (And this morning he learned she could cook too! )

(Weather for now: clear/partly cloudy, actually got to about 75 F, about 65 now. It won't last.)


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