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OK, I've never seen Fight Club. I just like the clip. ^_^

Rambling introduction is rambling.


This is me. I knit. A lot. Cheaper than therapy (not by much though!), more productive than bubble wrap. It keeps me sane. Ish. Well, I'm not on meds anymore, so that has to count for something, right?

I live on a farm in New England. It's been in the family for generations. I moved back here to take care of my late grandmother several years ago, and the kids and my husband followed after the school year was up. My father runs the farm itself, and my mother just recently moved back in. (They were never separated; she just moved out when I was young to take care of her father.) We mostly raise beef, with some pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys, goats, and 1 rather cranky llama to chase the coyotes.

I raise chickens. We started with one hen last year when my oldest son rescued her from the weeds as a day old baby. We have more or less acquired the rest by accident. Can't complain too much, though. They're adorable.

I have cats. 2 inside, 1 outside, and 1 still over in the kennel, because, well, it's not my house, and getting permission for the two I did get in was like pulling teeth.

(Best for last!) I have 2 sons, oldest is 12, youngest just turned 5. My husband and I have been married almost 13 years. He recently found work as a welder building MRIs, so things are pretty good around here. Now if I could just find work myself so I didn't stress over the budget!

My writing:

My writing is ... well ... sporadic is a kind way of putting it.  4 years of caring for my grandmother sent my muse/bunnies into hibernation, and now I have more ideas than I have hands to write. I have old DBZ stuff to finish, new Transformers stuff nibbling, and at least 1 epic bunny (Pearls) that was supposed to be fluffy, and went dark fast when my main character started telling me all the crap that happened in her recent past.

Let's just say that getting kidnapped by Decepticons, and being forced to use her Allspark fragment to help put sparks in the hatchlings was an improvement over her previous living situation.

Re: the name "Pearls": This just kinda fell into place. It was originally because the bunny was being stubborn and not giving me anything to outline/write, so "irritating bunny is irritating and hopefully will give me a gem in the end" it was.  Fortunately, I've been finding sayings involving pearls that fit the overall tone of the work, so it's working out. Hopefully I'll get a good title out of it. Bunny is now starting to tease me with bits, and has given me an opening scene to write, so it's being rewarded with its own notebook. Let's hope that helps.

Of course, that doesn't count all the other bunnies that are nibbling right now.

Current Knitting Projects (as in, "Stuff I'm Actively Working On, As Opposed To Stuff That's Cast On But Hibernating"):

(links to Ravelry database where available)

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