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Woke up to rain, a few small branches down, nothing worse than we've usually seen. Irene's supposed to be down to a Tropical Storm when she gets here, so between that and the mountains, it shouldn't be any worse than we usually see. My one and only regret is that I won't get to spank my husband for ever time he said, "You're over-exaggerating" when I was cleaning the yard Friday & Saturday.

Otherwise, I'm just glad we're getting off "light" and I hope everyone else anywhere near the path is similarly blessed. :hugs:

But! Since it looks like we won't be hiding in the middle of the house, it's time to go pick out school clothes for my little one, since he is supposed to start on Weds, and he outgrew all his jeans this summer! Fortuantely, he has an older brother, and we throw nothing away in this family. Yes, sometimes it is a blessing. ^_~ After that, I may brave going next door to dig out the rice cooker & bread machine, and then I have a shawl to work on, fingerless gloves to knit for my mother for Xmas, 2 other (lace!) shawls to work on (1 is not even cast on), and illusion socks that will have the D-con logo running up my leg.

Chickens are ticked b/c I won't let them out until after the heavy winds, which means spending the day locked in the coop.

So far it's wet, ~70, and the wind is still light. Here's hoping none of hte trees come down.
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