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I mentioned last night on Twitter that my foot got stepped on by an 1800lb ox while I was trying to walk him up to the trailer. The ox was a real sweetheart, just nervous because he didn't know me or the farm, and didn't want to get too far from his buddy. I figured I'd have a pretty impressive bruise, but, sadly, not:

It doesn't really hurt that much, so I'm not too upset about  the lack of show-off-ness.

Yes, I am that strange.

In other news, I found my hair ties! I can make scrunchies again! I love making scrunchies. They're really quick, and with very little change in yarn or stitch count, and little to no change in pattern, I can get some really cool results.

Here are some basic scrunchies:

Now, lets make the yarn a little fancier. Same pattern --  the pair is something I use for either end of a braid. I just stopped after the first round on the small one:

Mix & match the yarns:

And my personal favorite (I wrap it around my bun), the Vegas Tribble:

Yes, that's my hand for scale. I put this thing on and I can see it peeking around the sides of my head when I look in a mirror. XD
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