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Meeting with the teacher

So my youngest was identified as "Autistic, Non-Specified" some time ago. Basically, it boils down to: "He seems to be wired differently, but damn-all if we can pigeon hole him." While I don't like slapping labels on kids just because they're a bit different, on the upshot, the label at least means the teachers & staff take a slightly better hold of their tempers when he goes squirrelly on them. He's also getting a bit better about a lot of crap - mostly social - that he had a hard time with last year.

One thing we still have a hard time with is him doing his writing homework. I mentioned in the meeting today that he, his brother, and I all have stretches where any attempt to physically create words is like hitting a wall. I can bounce ideas off them, pull out the word and stitch them togetehr, so they can write down the finished product, but getting them to do it themselves, even if they can tell me verbally what they want to say, just doesn't work.

The advisor there mentioned "dysgraphia"* and I have to wonder if there might be touches of that in here. Not in the "can't write legible words" flavor, but just the "it's not just writer's block, because I have the entire thing word-for-word in my head" flavor. The one I mentioned yesterday where I can't make the words translate from my brain to my hand.

Of course, because my bull-all stubborness, this means that I've now got a fire lit under me to write every day, even if it never again sees the light of day. Damned if I know what I'm going to do for the kids.

On an unrelated note, I want Shakespeare on my Kindle. Anyone know any good, free copies?

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