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Had an appointment with my new doctor today. (My old one moved out of state. Poo.) The short short version is I've been having a new type of headache, not apparently weather related, involving pain at bright lights and a right eye that feels 3 sizes too big for its socket. Big shock, doc suspects stress-induced migraines. Prescribes an as-needed med for the headaches if I feel them coming, a daily anti-depressant to help with the stress, ... and a recommendation to move out when feasible. :3

I dropped my mother off at the airport at around 5 AM Saturday. I got more done on Monday before work, knowing she was gone, then I normally do an entire week she's home. Even though she's only "home" first thing in the morning, and doesn't get back until 8 PM. I don't think she's realized yet that I do my best to avoid whatever floor she's on. If she has, she hasn't mentioned it.

So yeah, v. high probability of stress-induced. :P

On the upshot, I have managed to stick to my "write at least a few lines, even if you cross them all out" 5 days out of seven. It's crappy Firefly fic - why oh why could it not be something I'd already started? - but it's writing. I will beat my way through this.

Let's hope the meds do their job.

TL/dr: life's a bitch and so am I. :P

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