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OK, 2 nights ago, my husband got hit on his way to work when the other driver spun out. He's fine, the girls in the other car are fine, but it crumpled his left front fender & wrecked the rim. Not. Drivable.

OK, get it towed to a shop, insurance guy goes & looks at it. Says, "Here's the estimate after deductible. Go for it." Meantime, I go to the Auto Shop teacher & say, "I need my car back." He says, "No problem. I'll go test drive it right now, but it should be good to go."

Find out when I fill the tank that, no, they still haven't fixed that problem with the fill neck. OK, fine. I just won't top the tank until I get it back in. My husband takes my car to work last night.

He just called me because my muffler FELL OFF ~ 20 minutes from home.

What. The. Fuck?!?

He's not even sure he can get it home. He's going to call me back after he checks it some more. I'm going to give him 5 more minutes before I call work & tell them I can't come in.

Bad enough we gotta pony up the $500 for our deductible (which we really don't have). I can't afford to have my car fixed at the same time.

Really really hope this month isn't setting the tone for the rest of the year.

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