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"Let me get this straight." Sokka pinched the bridge of his nose, wonder for perhaps the millionth time why the Universe hated him so much.

"You know him." He pointed at Zuko. "You know them." He waved at the Freedom Fighters. "And he," at Jet, "isn't trying to kill him," back to Zuko.

He stopped, and threw his hands up in the air. "Did I miss something here?"

Katara laid a hand on his arm. "Sokka, calm down."

Smellerbee grinned. "A lot of tea." She paused. "And some rope."


I see a lot of "What if Jet never saw Iroh heating his tea?" fics, but I haven't yet found any "What if the fight ended before the Dai Li showed up?"

I have strong faith in Iroh's ability to talk anyone down if he chooses (combined with the Dai Li penchant for "keeping the peace" - they'd pick Jet up when it won't be as big a fuss), and I've always loved this line (badly remembered) from some romance novel I read years ago: "It had been her experience that men would do their best to bash each other skulls in, and, failing that, would promptly become the best of friends. They usually celebrated this by becoming cock-eyed drunk."

I strongly doubt Jet & Zuko would "promptly become the best of friends" or that Iroh would let them get plastered together, but the idea still stuck. :)

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