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You know, I think I need to come down with the flu or something. There's just something about having a stuffed head and the meds to combat it that just breaks my BS-o-meter, and I get productive. (Just don't let me post anything until I sober up :P ) I was cleaning out old emails, found some reply alerts to old mandala posts, and I remembered how I wanted to do up a bunch and put them up on something like RedBubble for cards & such.

Why did I not do that? They're fun, it'd be a nice ego stroke + pocket change if anyone decides to buy them, & I think I can order them @ cost if I ever decide to peddle them myself at my son's school craft fair.

Seriously, my whole life is like that. I have all these things I want to do, I might be able to bootstrap myself into starting, and then I come up for air, look at how damned big the task is, and go hide in a story or 10. I have several half-finished feed bags waiting for me to sew the straps on (as well as others in various earlier steps of construction), UFO knitting projects, half-started stories, half cleaned rooms, and gods forbid my mother is in the house. I may not even come out of my room if I can avoid it.


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