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So after explaining an emotional almost-breakdown brought on toying with a scene (I seriously need this shirt), I started thinking about how she (the v.p. character) came about.

[[If you haven't seen G. I. Joe:Renegades, at the end Baroness & MIndbender get sucked into an unstable wormhole created by the MASS Device. My brain had fun with this idea when I was trying to sleep.]]

First off, she didn't exist in the original idea. Originally, it was, "Hey, they ripped a hole in spacetime! Let's send them to Opposite World! Cobras the good guys and the Joe's are trying to mutiny & take over the world!" Then it was, "Nah, that's not funny enough. Let's do a gender-bender. Heh. Bender."

Then I decided to mix the two ideas. Then mix them some more. (Then, ... mooooore!!! :cough:)

Slowly, I ended up with a world where Cobra Industries was closer to it's "face" than it is in canon (not all sweetness-and-light, but not take-over-the-world evil, either), and the US military is closer to the real Cobra. Still the good guys. Technically. For the most part.

I kept the gender-bent Mindbender, though. But since the rest of the characters stayed intact, I needed to rationalize her.

Hence the dead-before-he-was-born older sister. I created her just to kill her in the "canon" timeline, so she could live in the AU. After all, if she was alive, things would play out differently, so that it's highly unlikely he would have even been conceived.

Since she came from the same stock and (for the most part) had a similar upbringing, it's not outside the real of possibility that's she's as Laughably Evil as he is, as well as being brilliant in her own field. I have a scene somewhere involving the two of them sitting down and swapping stories about what they did as kids to drive their Mom up the wall.

So I brought her across the void and let her loose. At once point I aimed her at Tunnel Rat - he thought she was cute, before he learned who she was. Then the paranoia kicked in. She still thinks he's cute, but "GIs are notoriously hard to housebreak." He - and the rest of the team - are bouncing between "Mindbender cloned his dead sister" and "Mindbender created a sameopposite-sex clone of himself." ("And she likes you." "Thank you, Ripcord. Thank you so much. I need another drink now.")

Then I realized she was having too much fun, and decided to kill her entire world.


I should make these people as Sims & turn them all loose.

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