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 As cute as it is, when you all tumble all over each other, I can't pick one out to focus on & write. Please form a line or at least agree to take turns.

(Also, you spawn some unholy crossovers when you all pile together.)


Your Writer.
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One black Silkie rooster, tamed to hand. Plays well with everyone else, except the other Silkie rooster. Too bad for him the other rooster is a named pet, and he isn't. XP (Seriously, I do have to find something to do with him, and it's not worth the effort of dressing him for the freezer or pot.)

Dear diary ... )
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OK, mentioned a while back something about TFA!Starscream was busy preening at having the Nemesis as his harem, courtesy of the Allspark. Have a half-polished 1st scene from that bunny (although he's not in it). (I was asked in all seriousness what I was on when my husband read my notebook, and I didn't even get as far as explaining the whole bunny. )


If Starscream is Adam, does that make Slipstream Eve and Blackarachnia Lilith? )

Next up: Lugnut attempts to court Starscream. It goes about as well as can be expected. XP
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Thanks to losing my notebooks and my mind time for so long, the bunnies have happily added a few little cracky bunlets to the Pearls-verse:

Movie night between Longshot (Jazz's youngling) and Galloway. (Blame my husband for this one)

Skywarp crashes an airshow (not literally) for Teh Lulz.

Barricade and Kate talk about sex; specifically whether Kate's getting any. Barricade really wishes he hadn't started the conversation and would like brain bleach now plzkthnxbye. ^_^;
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OK, so G4 has been playing Chronicles of Riddick a lot lately (Movies That Don't Suck, FTW!). And 2 nights ago, played it again as I was getting ready for bed. Yesterday I was playing with Pearls!bunny, and 2 Riddick!bunnies snuck up on me. :whimper: Fortunately, neither is too epic-rabid, but dammit! I'm trying to flesh out a TF epic, I don't need to be jumped by Riddick oneshots! (jumped by Riddick, OTOH, could be interesting, depending on circumstances.....)
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Just woke up to find This is True in my mailbox (Hey, it's Saturday and the kids don't have school. 8 AM is sleeping in for me!) Here is their funny headline for the week:

Graffiti tagger who urinated on transformer gets shock of his life

OK, we all know they mean an electrical transformer (which are LOUD if they blow near your house, btw!), but you know you're thinking the same thing I was. And probably giggling about as maturely as I was when I first read it. 

This is almost worthy of the bunny farm. Think I'll hang on to it a bit first, in case I need to break a writer's block.
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OK, so I'm supposed to be cleaning up my [ profile] spook_me entry for posting. You know, that thing that was due a few days ago, that I haven't finished transcribing yet?

I glanced at the speedwriting prompts in my Flist this morning, and yesterday's prompt #6 jumped out at me. Of course, that was because Pearls!bunny started crying, "No, no! It's tinsel strength!" Go away, honey! If you won't hold still long enough when I have my notebook to give me scenes, then you can wait until I finish other stuff to start giving me outtakes.

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Just to give a little glimpse of what happens between my ears, these are a few of the bunnies nibbling at me. Most are pretty cracky, or have potential for such. I can't complain too much; rabbit fur is very warm. I'm not putting these up for adoption, per se, but they're still trying to establish precedence, so if they glomp someone else in the meantime, that's ok too. Just don't tell me until I write mine! LOL

Bunny, bunny, bunny, fox! )

I'm working on the first H&M spawned by Shy-Light's "Rock Climbing" pic, and the other 2 (3, if you count Prowl/Sideswipe) are eying bare spots on my arms. P/S may not get posted. It depends on if I can get over being too shy to write/post pr0n. Eheheh
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OK, so my youngest turns 5 today. Yesterday we had his party, and my wonderful, highstrung aunt did all the decorations, which I suggested be Transformers or Cars. She of course, showed up with Bayverse plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, color coordinated balloons, a card, and custome made wrapping paper by putting stickers all over red paper. Oh, and little slideshow clicky pencil toppers, and a TF shirt that came with a little Prime keychain. I love her dearly, but she does not know the meaning of "restraint". ^_^

The card is what gets me though. It's one of those talking ones. This is the picture:

Bayverse!Prime, looking typically majestic and imposing, right? What's the problem?

The quote is TFA!Optimus Prime. Absolutely hysterical. because it makes it sound like OP was sucking on helium. Someone was when they put this one together!


Also, how does a fluffy & sweet H&M fic spawn a ... more mature ... Prowl/Sideswipe one? :whimper:
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 This pic has spawned no less than 3 H&M fics/drabbles, not necessarily related to each other, through some weird generational mutation thingy. And I don't even ship them.

No, I take it back. It's not that I don't ship them, so much as I don't really "ship" couples. I don't really have OTPs in general, since I can read and enjoy any couple/group if it's well done. Except Wincest. I can deal with gay!Dean and gay!Sam, but not Dean/Sam (or Sam/Dean if you want to get picky). Go figure. Back on topic, I don't dislike Hound/Mirage, I just wasn't looking in that direction when I was brainstorming.

Which is probably why I never saw the bunnies coming. Now I just have to find my notebook and start writing. (Weird factoid: I'm more likely to write if it's pen & paper, and then transcribed.)

In RL news, my oldest son is still blowing off his assignments in class. Which is even more aggravating when I see A's & B's on the ones he does do. So it's less a matter of "I can't" and more a matter of "I don't want to try, so I'll just say 'I can't'." It's gotten to the point that he is now under orders to bring home every textbook and every notebook, and I will be checking and signing his assignment planner each day, and asking his teachers to do the same. And if they won't, I'll be emailing them daily. Just how I want to spend my afternoons.

Oh, and he's been doing front bends (toe touches) in the kitchen for the past 15 minutes since he "didn't know" if he wanted to be punished for skipping out on class- and home-work. :eyeroll: Fun times. I'll let him stop soon.
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Title: 5 More Minutes (I'm bad at titling things too)
'Verse: AU Transformers, possible movie'verse combined with G1.
Characters: Barricade, Frenzy
Rating: PG
Warnings: a bit of TF cussing, Barricade being uncomfortable, Frenzy being Frenzy

Barricade backed up warily, mentally chanting Don't slag the brat. Don't slag the brat. Don't slag the brat. until he hit the back of the couch and stumbled. Before he could recover, Frenzy tackled him, and they both tumbled over, legs and arms akimbo. )

I am apparently not going to get to write what I want, so I may as well run with it. This jumped me .. Sunday night? Or maybe Monday morning. And I started and finished it yesterday, mostly while waiting for my son's kindergarten teacher. I am so proud of myself for writing short! Sent it off to [ profile] ante_luce  and was given permission to post, so here it is! And no, I don't know what the bet was.

Aaaaand and edit/tweak b/c apparently I suck at cuts too. 
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Someone's sig over on Customers Suck! spawned a Soundwave one, so I decided to write it in the hopes of jarring my muse off the sofa and away from the video games, and now 3 more bunnies have snuck up on me. She needs to stop feeding them and start separating them!

Humans look up to beseech God. Transformers (at least in fanon, not sure of canon) look down. How would fundies of either race see the other?

For that matter, how would human fundies deal with the (fanon) casualness of "homosexuality"?

Different track: Bayverse Sideswide was alone b/c he believed Sunny was offline. He picked a Corvette not on a whim, but because subconsciously his spark knew Sunny was still alive but in stasis lock. As a '66 Corvette. (this one is growing up and may be ready to set free after the Soundwave one)


Aug. 30th, 2010 02:50 pm
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I don't want to give these up, yet, so what better place to house them than my journal?

Today's special:

TFs dealing with humans watching/quoting Mel Brooks.

Sam: "Hey, Will! How're my seams?"
Lennox: "Perfect."
Sam: "Every time." *cue song and much laughter from surrounding humans*

Edit: I should have stayed away from the bunny farm, because they've started breeding. Now I must work the following into the Pearls AU somehow:

"Was ... Barricade ... humming the Moulin Rouge song?"
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My husband teases me for writing TF fanfic, and then, as he's about to back out of the driveway and go to work, tosses this one at me:

Sentinel Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead
"Sorry, sir! I flunked flank!"

I have enough plot bunnies without him breeding more!

EDIT: bonus background cameo:

Swindle: You, sir, are going to Cybertron!
Random bot: But I am on Cybertron.
Swindle: Do I lie? :D

Edit2: or better yet, Ramjet!  


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