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OK, all cards but 1 are out (I was missing an addy, but I found it, so that's going tomorrow)! Was only off my "deadline" by a few days. A new record! LOL I was going to add "hanger" hooks to the ornaments, but I figured the Post Office would be unhappy with envelopes stuffed with twisted wires. :P

I have plenty of cards left (if maybe not enough time to make more ornaments), and I'm itching to send them out. XD If you want one, drop by the screened post (or PM me) with your address, and I'll pop one in the mail! :D
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Oh hey. The world's still here. Um.... Huh. Now what's this thing for again? Oh, right! Talking to people in >140 characters at a time! XD

Seriously, I never can think of what to say for posts any more, and micro-posts seem better suited to Twitter. (And I delete half of those before sending anyway.) I'm either at peace with the world, or just apathetic with no drive and/or ambition. :P Wonder if this lack of drive is cyclical.

But, a bit of news: Oldest is on stage crew for the drama club. First play is this/next weekend. Downside? He just started swim practice (as in he left ~15 minutes ago), and a couple of the practices conflict with the showings. However, the captain of the girls' swim team says it's ok to skip the 2 practices in order to work the play (she's acting, I think).

Youngest is having behavior issues at the moment. He's also falling asleep easily and running a slight temp, so I suspect the two are connected (no really?).

Trying to finish a pair of mittens, keep getting interrupted. At this rate, they'll be done by June. :P Waiting on the bead order to finish my shawl. I have to go shopping on Wednesday for household stuff, so I may swing in to see if I missed the message.

Finally got my husband to help me rearrange the furniture in our "room" (actually a curtained off area of the basement), so it now actually looks like a bedroom, and not like we shoved random furniture in where we could fit. Which is kinda what we did. :P Now I just have to maintain it.

Also! Want to do cards again this year, so come poke me with your address here: Dreamwidth or Livejournal (comments screened, of course) so I can send them out! <3 I hope to get them out by Dec 15th, but that's soooo not a hard deadline. :3

Oh, and because it's apparently a thing I'm late to (big shock), here's my wishlist. Yes, I am strange.


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