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OK, not here, but I gave a dozen eggs to my son's first grade class, 3 weeks ago, and they're hatching! \o/ I'm so glad, because the last time we tried this, in preschool, none of them hatched out. (There had been a power outage one weekend, and the eggs got too chilled. Fortunately, we had accidentally hatched some chicks at home, too, so the kids still got to see fluffballs.)

Anyway! I would have been happy if just 1 or 2 hatched out, since I stressed to the kids that there's no way to know, until 3 weeks are gone, if the eggs have chicks in them. No word yet on how many are hatching.

(And best part is I don't have to find room to squeeze them in the coop when they get bigger. They already have a home! XD)
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Something managed to dig into the chicken coop this morning. Given the tiny gap between base and stone to dig through (and the smell) I'm going to guess skunk. We didn't lose any birds, but we are down to 5 of the original 16 eggs I found almost 2 weeks ago. We'd lost a few over the past week or so, probably just because the poor girl can only cover so many, and they got stepped on. The rest were probably eaten this morning. I'm not sure if the rest will hatch though, since it was pretty cold this morning, and obviously the hen got chased off the nest.

So, that means I really really need to finish the run and/or build a chicken tractor. The ones that Sheds & Stuff build are wonderful, but one in the size I'd need would run about $2000. Ouch! He has a used shed that would work as a tractor with a little modification, but even then it'd still be ~$1K after mods and such.

The local HS carpentry class is willing to consider building one if I can provide plans & material funds, but wouldn't you know it, my plans apparently got lost in the last reformat. Basically, I want something like this (but larger): Cluckingham Palace. It's essentially a modified storage shed on wheels. So that means I need to hit the library tomorrow for shed plans - hopefully - and then print up the Palace and make notes on how I want the shed modified to be a mobile coop. :sigh:

Oh, and my bra strap keeps twisting. XP
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Well, Jenny's pissed at me for moving her eggs & won't sit on them any more. I put them under the little black hen, but 1) she's tiny, 2) there's 16 large eggs, and 3) I don't know if the eggs got too chilled last night. :-( Oh well. The little one's been trying to hatch a golf ball she found, so maybe she'll be able to hatch a few of these out and stop being so damn broody. If not, well, I really don't have the room yet for 16 more birds. XP
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So, I've been feeling pretty bummed about forgetting to lock the coop and losing Chirpy and a few others. But remember how I said that we were missing one or two a few weeks back? And how they might actually be sitting on nests, since anything with Silkie blood will try to hatch a batch of golfballs if you let her? Well, guess what my son showed me after work today:

11 baby chickens ahoy! )
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As promised:

Pic heavy cut. )

And with my luck all the big ones will be roosters.
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  4  6 fluffy chicks

2 1 cracked eggs peeping

a dozen fighting bunnies

3 recently located notebooks

and 1 AWOL dayplanner. :doh:

I have pics. Just not my card reader. XP I should get them up tonight. I'm still squeeing over the silver fluffball. XD
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Finally figured out that the hens are all laying in the coop and the broody ones are stealing the eggs. What clued me in? The fact that a hen I know I only left ~4 eggs under suddenly has 11.

So, grabbed a flashlight & some construction paper & made an impromptu candling box. 3 of hers are probably developed. 7 weren't, so I filled a bowl with water; only 1 floated, so that one got tossed & the rest are in the fridge.

Oh, you did the math? There's 1 missing?

Yeah. It's hatching. Along with 2 other eggs under 2 other hens. (I candled all the other eggs too. Most are either far enough along to leave, or have shells so thick I can't tell.)
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Well, baby chickens, anyway. Pics I said I'd post when they were born. They're 2 weeks old now, so not quite as cute and fluffy as they are in these.

Giant chicken pictures )


Aug. 16th, 2010 09:08 pm
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Total count: 6 tiny black fluffballs, each smaller than a $0.50 piece. Squee!

Also, seeing this picture had me hunting for a D-con chart, and plotting the #'s for myself and my husband. I already know where my black and purple yarns are. Heehee. Yeah, I already have a lace shawl, a pair of socks, and a doubleknit afghan to finish. I really don't need to start a new hat or 2, along with matching scarves. 
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Apparently she started that nest earlier than we thought! Mom sent me a pic this morning showing 3 little black puffball poking out, and when I got home this afternoon I found 5 little peepers. She had 8 eggs under her, so we'll see if she's got 3 more to go or not. 100% hatch is almost unheard of, but it happened when we hatched out the 6 we put in the incubator (3 got eaten when we started leaving them out tho. T_T )

Anyway! Pics later when I find my adapter.


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