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OK, this has stopped annoying me to the point that I start ranting, so now y'all can laugh at this.

Crack a cold one. You'll be a while. )
Oh, and the auto teacher said the gas thing was the seal on the filler neck was wonky, so they reseated it, and we'll see. They're going to check the heat thing later today. Need to make more cookies for those guys.

ETA: Dad brought home chickens on Thursday, and said I could take 1 hen for every rooster I was willing to give up, so we have 2 new hens and 1 Polish rooster (he was a 2:1 swap). (There was a white Silkie that looked just like the one that got killed, but a raccoon found a hole in their pen that I missed, so we lost him and 2 of the hens. Oh well. Made the choice of which rooster to beg for easier. XP)


Feb. 27th, 2011 08:09 pm
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First off, thanks everyone for the kind wishes when I first posted about the little ram. Sorry I didn't reply sooner; it's just been a little crazy this weekend.

So, here're the little sister pics that I promised!

First, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a 2 day old lamb to hold still for a photo shoot?

Meet "Rhubarb" aka "Ruby". )

More proof spring is creeping closer:

Bonus new baby calf! )

She hasn't even managed standing up at the point this picture was taken. Still sopping wet, and she was trying. She did manage it by the time chores were done, and we shooed the two of them into the barn at sundown, so they could avoid the icy rain that's coming tomorrow.


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