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I was playing with a scene in my head while at work. I don't know if I'll ever use it, in any context, but I think I have to. 

The basic premise is the MacGuffin dragged the current viewpoint character into an alternate dimension very similar to her "home" one. (Technically, her's is the AU to the main story. She didn't survive in the main line.) She thinks this is pretty cool, finds a younger brother (who was never born in her world, since she lived to grow up), has escapades, etc, etc.

Then some of "her" people come through, looking for her. And it turns out she's been there too long, and if she tried to go back, it'd kill her. She's stuck. I have this one image of them saluting each other, right before the rest go home and leave her there. Forever.

She left friends behind. Her mother is going to be told she was essentially lost in action, with no body to bury. But she's not dead. And she can't tell anyone that, and no one else will/is allowed to.

All of a sudden it hits her that she's on the other side of the looking glass for keeps. Everything she ever knew up till about a year ago is gone, beyond reclaiming. 

This isn't the grief of a lost love, or a parent, or a child. This is literally her entire world. Here, her mother buried her when she was 3 days old. None of the people she knew know her. They're the same, but not.

And seeing it through her eyes, trying to craft that hollow feeling that she's alone, yeah, I had to work very hard not to start bawling at work. I couldn't exactly tell everyone I was grieving on behalf of a fictional character I created and was currently torturing.

I might not have had a job after that. :D

Of course, then there are the moments when characters get snarky and I have to try not to giggle madly at random an/or inopportune times.

´╗┐Anyone else have this kind of issue? 
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 As cute as it is, when you all tumble all over each other, I can't pick one out to focus on & write. Please form a line or at least agree to take turns.

(Also, you spawn some unholy crossovers when you all pile together.)


Your Writer.
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So, my brother texted me a few days back, with a gem of a sign he saw on a semi:

<--- passing side

suicide --->

Now I want to see someone peg Optimus with a similar sign while he's recharging, except of course, more like both sides being "suicide" XP Kinda hanging off his back like a "Kick me" sign.

I really really need to figure out what's wrong with my head.  :P


Feb. 17th, 2012 05:44 pm
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I have successfully created my first "mandala" out of a photo! I has a happy! :D

Many many moons ago, I visited a site called Earth Mandalas and downloaded every mandala there. Unfortunately, while the site is still up, it's not active. I promised myself that Someday I would make my own. Well, I finally did it! I made a mandala out of this pic from the Astronomy Pic of the day, and now I'm hopelessly lost. I can see at least 3 more in that image alone, plus how many years has NASA been posting? ROFL!

Maybe if I make enough, I'll do cards or something. <3

Kitty Spam!

Feb. 1st, 2012 07:38 am
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OK, after f-locking my LJ, this strikes me as ironic, but I have to crosspost this everywhere after finding it on my Twitter feed: Space Cats! )
Let it never be said science is dry and boring. XD
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I'm experimenting with cold extraction coffee, mostly because the most dangerous words in my household are, "I'm bored," and I know better than to mix explosive/hazardous stuff.

I made a small batch, and it seems to have reconstituted ok. At least, I haven't needed to put several spoonfuls of sugar in like I normally do. But it did leave me with a lot of wet coffee grounds after filtering. Not thinking anything of it, I chucked them outside.

Well, apparently most of my birds were right around the corner, and they all came rushing over to see what landed. Now they're examining these little dark specks, probably wondering if they're bugs and/or good to eat.

Somehow, the thought of 20 caffeinated chickens is terrifying.
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From #1 in the countdown of  "7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost To Retarded Heroes":

"While boys were taught that evil giant transforming robots could only be defeated with other giant transforming robots, girls were taught that
evil could be defeated with the power of rainbows and flamboyant song  and dance.
Which one better prepared their audience for the real world?  If you'd like to find out, go perform a choreographed song and dance  number in the middle of the highway while a semi bares down on you. In your final moments of consciousness, imagine how much more terrifying  this would all be if that semi was sentient." (emphasis mine)
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arirashkae smells what the Rock is cooking... because the Rock is arirashkae's personal chef.

Instead of having a cigarette after sex, arirashkae heads outside and brands her cattle.

arirashkae visits an active volcano every morning to get some of "the best damn espresso on Earth".

In the Bible, Jesus turned water into wine. But then arirashkae turned that wine into beer.

arirashkae is not capable of hitting a target on the broad side of a barn. Every time she tries, the whole damn barn falls down.

arirashkae invented black. In fact, she invented the entire spectrum of visible light. Except pink. Tom Cruise invented pink.

Aliens DO indeed exist. They just know better than to visit a planet that arirashkae is on.

(Take that last one how you will LOL)

Silly Facts here.
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Thanks to losing my notebooks and my mind time for so long, the bunnies have happily added a few little cracky bunlets to the Pearls-verse:

Movie night between Longshot (Jazz's youngling) and Galloway. (Blame my husband for this one)

Skywarp crashes an airshow (not literally) for Teh Lulz.

Barricade and Kate talk about sex; specifically whether Kate's getting any. Barricade really wishes he hadn't started the conversation and would like brain bleach now plzkthnxbye. ^_^;
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Both my husband and his brother are Angry Birds addicts. As is my SIL and my niece. My husband and BIL have the same b-day, even though they're 6 years apart, so I may just have to make this for them. 'Cuz we're all dorks like that. Be sure to check out the video at the top of the page!

Bake your own playable Angry Birds cake: masterclass tutorial | Electricpig


Dec. 15th, 2010 09:38 pm
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Thiefed from [ profile] pellimusprime , who stole it from [ profile] gryphax . Done because I knew my random playlist would be awesome for this. ^_^

Meme time! Sadly, not as random as I expected. )

*snerk* It seems that my grand Apocalyptic adventure would be a mix of slapstick and B-rated horror/comedy. Ah well.

ETA: Just for giggles, the next 8 songs were:
  1. New Divide / Linkin Park (not bad)
  2. Ring of Fire / Johnny Cash (*snerk*)
  3. Just Around the Riverbend / Disney's Pocahontas (WTF? O_o)
  4. It's The End of the World as We Know It / REM (yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh.......)
  5. Long Black Train / Josh Turner (Hrmm...)
  6. Keeping the Faith / Billy Joel (LOL)
  7. Tell Her About It / Billy Joel (Awwww)
  8. American Soldier / Toby Keith (Ummmmmm......)
Apparently, the end of the world will basically be Zombieland for me, and I must bow to the absurd.
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Just woke up to find This is True in my mailbox (Hey, it's Saturday and the kids don't have school. 8 AM is sleeping in for me!) Here is their funny headline for the week:

Graffiti tagger who urinated on transformer gets shock of his life

OK, we all know they mean an electrical transformer (which are LOUD if they blow near your house, btw!), but you know you're thinking the same thing I was. And probably giggling about as maturely as I was when I first read it. 

This is almost worthy of the bunny farm. Think I'll hang on to it a bit first, in case I need to break a writer's block.
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Saw this in an author's feed, and enjoyed many snickers. If you squint, you can sorta make out teh b00bies! so probably NSFW.

Miss TSA 2011 Pinup Calendar - Big Picture's posterous

Yes, I am horribly, horribly immature whenever possible. And easily amused by string and bubble wrap.. ^_^

Art spam!

Nov. 9th, 2010 06:02 pm
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Jumping on the posting-fanart-bandwagon. The problem is, it was hard to pick a fave. So have 5 behind the cuts.

Most of my faves are cracky/funny:
Some are just really cool:

And then you get ones that are just Woah!

I don't care if this ever went on sale; I'd print & cut my own!
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Posing for bad art, such as this. I really need a hobby. Wait, I have several. I need a life instead.

Good Show Sir - Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers

I swear, I'm going to be giggling madly over some of these.
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OK, so I'm supposed to be cleaning up my [ profile] spook_me entry for posting. You know, that thing that was due a few days ago, that I haven't finished transcribing yet?

I glanced at the speedwriting prompts in my Flist this morning, and yesterday's prompt #6 jumped out at me. Of course, that was because Pearls!bunny started crying, "No, no! It's tinsel strength!" Go away, honey! If you won't hold still long enough when I have my notebook to give me scenes, then you can wait until I finish other stuff to start giving me outtakes.

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I know, old lame joke. There is a reason. In honor of Halloween.

I have decided, in my own personal headspace, to let Barricade brain-break most of NEST. I figure, the vast majority of the active guys are around my age (late 20s-mid30s), so they grew up on Star Wars. Barricade's favorite SW character(s) are the Ewoks. For a typically (for me) twisted reason.

Think very carefully about that. Most people have either gone as an Ewok for Halloween, or know someone who has. My grandmother made me a kick-ass Wickett costume when I was younger, that I think survived the fire and is floating around somewhere.

Cute, adorable, timeless, right?

Now, think about what the Ewoks did when they found Han & Luke. Also, at the end of the movie, one was quite happily banging away on some various trooper helms. And they did kill quite a few in the woods.

Now, let that stew in your mind for a few minutes, and then riddle me this:

Raise your hand. How many of us dressed as a cannibal teddy bear for Halloween?

:raises hand:

Enjoy this darkening of your childhood memories. This is why I should not break my fast with highly sugared coffee. ^_^
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Just to give a little glimpse of what happens between my ears, these are a few of the bunnies nibbling at me. Most are pretty cracky, or have potential for such. I can't complain too much; rabbit fur is very warm. I'm not putting these up for adoption, per se, but they're still trying to establish precedence, so if they glomp someone else in the meantime, that's ok too. Just don't tell me until I write mine! LOL

Bunny, bunny, bunny, fox! )

I'm working on the first H&M spawned by Shy-Light's "Rock Climbing" pic, and the other 2 (3, if you count Prowl/Sideswipe) are eying bare spots on my arms. P/S may not get posted. It depends on if I can get over being too shy to write/post pr0n. Eheheh


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