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OK, I've never seen Fight Club. I just like the clip. ^_^

Rambling introduction is rambling.

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I mentioned last night on Twitter that my foot got stepped on by an 1800lb ox while I was trying to walk him up to the trailer. The ox was a real sweetheart, just nervous because he didn't know me or the farm, and didn't want to get too far from his buddy. I figured I'd have a pretty impressive bruise, but, sadly, not:
Cut a pic of my lovely foot. )
It doesn't really hurt that much, so I'm not too upset about  the lack of show-off-ness.

Yes, I am that strange.

In other news, I found my hair ties! I can make scrunchies again! I love making scrunchies. They're really quick, and with very little change in yarn or stitch count, and little to no change in pattern, I can get some really cool results.

I repeat. Yes, I am that strange. )
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Ennui (noun): a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction : boredom. Specifically: "the kind of ennui that comes from having too much time on one's hands and too little will to find something productive to do" (Thank you, Merriam-Webster)

Random "I'm not dead!" post ) :cough: Anyway. ^_^
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Ahh, screw it. I'm wearing the purple now! XD

Finished the shawl yesterday, and I'm damn pleased with it, even if I'm still kicking myself about how simple it actually was once I got going. No, I totally didn't start a 2nd one today to give my Aunt for Xmas. :cough: Sorry, this cold/flu's really getting to me.

My newest wings below the cut!
Hate LJ cuts so much right now. )
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Started a new shawl. Because I totally don't have last year's anniversary shawl still on the needles or Dracula's Bride sitting in a bag all nice and printed waiting for me to cast on. Eheheh. ^_^;

Anyway. New shawl. Using up a bunch of purple Red Heart just to make space in my stash, because my husband feels totally guilty about dropping $200+ on his DroidX and WEBs is an LYS.  And it gets fragging cold in this house in the winter.

I love the pattern, and it really is easy to crochet once you get the rhythm. Why am I complaining? Because It took me printing the chart and staring at it for an hour to figure out the pattern. Because I apparently forgot how to count to 6. AAARgh!

Yeah, maybe that's why the bunnies haven't been biting much. No brain left to hijack. 

(Just noticed the title of the song that popped up while writing this. LOL)


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