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OK, those of you have who haven been following a while may remember the state of ownership of the farm for the past 10 years. Here's a quick recap, just in case:
Long story. )

Yes, that was the quick & dirty version. There's a lot I didn't get in to.

So while she was dragging her heels, her boys grew up, property values dropped, and the estate expenses (which would need to be repaid out of any sale before dividing the proceeds) my father and grandmother paid snowballed.

Long story short. :P )

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OK, this has stopped annoying me to the point that I start ranting, so now y'all can laugh at this.

Crack a cold one. You'll be a while. )
Oh, and the auto teacher said the gas thing was the seal on the filler neck was wonky, so they reseated it, and we'll see. They're going to check the heat thing later today. Need to make more cookies for those guys.

ETA: Dad brought home chickens on Thursday, and said I could take 1 hen for every rooster I was willing to give up, so we have 2 new hens and 1 Polish rooster (he was a 2:1 swap). (There was a white Silkie that looked just like the one that got killed, but a raccoon found a hole in their pen that I missed, so we lost him and 2 of the hens. Oh well. Made the choice of which rooster to beg for easier. XP)
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Farm-to-Fork Farm Dinner Fiasco

(Having just gone through ServSafe in addition to being farm raised and (horror of horrors) growing up on farm raised sustenance, this appalled me beyond all belief.)

I will allow that I do not know how the laws in NV differ from MA. HOWEVER! This strikes me as nothing more than someone with a stick up their @$$ and too much time on their hands harassing people who (and granted, this is solely from their POV) were doing nothing wrong. Even the cops couldn't figure out why they were called, and the health official who called them was unable to come up with something to cite, after intimidating the farmers into destroying all the food they were set to serve. (They weren't even allowed to feed it to the pigs or even compost it!)

I just ... I don't get how people can think that adults are incapable of providing our own food in a safe manner and making reasonable, informed decisions about what we consume.

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."
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I mentioned last night on Twitter that my foot got stepped on by an 1800lb ox while I was trying to walk him up to the trailer. The ox was a real sweetheart, just nervous because he didn't know me or the farm, and didn't want to get too far from his buddy. I figured I'd have a pretty impressive bruise, but, sadly, not:
Cut a pic of my lovely foot. )
It doesn't really hurt that much, so I'm not too upset about  the lack of show-off-ness.

Yes, I am that strange.

In other news, I found my hair ties! I can make scrunchies again! I love making scrunchies. They're really quick, and with very little change in yarn or stitch count, and little to no change in pattern, I can get some really cool results.

I repeat. Yes, I am that strange. )
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One of the roof panels on the coop (a converted greenhouse, so, plastic roof) blew off in the massive wind gusts we're getting right now. Tried to put it back on. Blew off again. Repeated 2-3 more times while waiting for my son to come back up from the barn because the bolts are rusted, and I need him inside the coop to hold a wrench on the nut, and I can't reach through chicken wire. All this for want of a few washers.

Eeeeexcept the bolts are rusted as $%!7 because this thing is just That. Damned. Old. And it's starting to rain.


Fortunately, my father came home while we were struggling, so he and Brandon went next door and came back with the rivet gun. It will hold for now. I hope.

Hopefully, Dad has big enough pieces of the aluminum roofing he put on the barn years back, and I can just replace them tomorrow. Exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon.
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Something managed to dig into the chicken coop this morning. Given the tiny gap between base and stone to dig through (and the smell) I'm going to guess skunk. We didn't lose any birds, but we are down to 5 of the original 16 eggs I found almost 2 weeks ago. We'd lost a few over the past week or so, probably just because the poor girl can only cover so many, and they got stepped on. The rest were probably eaten this morning. I'm not sure if the rest will hatch though, since it was pretty cold this morning, and obviously the hen got chased off the nest.

So, that means I really really need to finish the run and/or build a chicken tractor. The ones that Sheds & Stuff build are wonderful, but one in the size I'd need would run about $2000. Ouch! He has a used shed that would work as a tractor with a little modification, but even then it'd still be ~$1K after mods and such.

The local HS carpentry class is willing to consider building one if I can provide plans & material funds, but wouldn't you know it, my plans apparently got lost in the last reformat. Basically, I want something like this (but larger): Cluckingham Palace. It's essentially a modified storage shed on wheels. So that means I need to hit the library tomorrow for shed plans - hopefully - and then print up the Palace and make notes on how I want the shed modified to be a mobile coop. :sigh:

Oh, and my bra strap keeps twisting. XP
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Finally figured out that the hens are all laying in the coop and the broody ones are stealing the eggs. What clued me in? The fact that a hen I know I only left ~4 eggs under suddenly has 11.

So, grabbed a flashlight & some construction paper & made an impromptu candling box. 3 of hers are probably developed. 7 weren't, so I filled a bowl with water; only 1 floated, so that one got tossed & the rest are in the fridge.

Oh, you did the math? There's 1 missing?

Yeah. It's hatching. Along with 2 other eggs under 2 other hens. (I candled all the other eggs too. Most are either far enough along to leave, or have shells so thick I can't tell.)
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Look what I found this morning!

More baby sheep! )

A few hours old, at most! The black one has a little white spot on her forehead, but the white one doesn't seem to have any black spots. Both girls, so no calling them Jazz & Prowl (at least, without getting smacked upside the head by my husband LOL). Oldest son wants to call them Ebony & Ivory.

Also Quilt's (mama sheep in above pic) daughter Patches also had twins today (also both girls, I think), but she had them at sundown, so no good pics of them yet. XP

(In writing news, I have permission to post Rock Climbing, but can't find my %^*%$%^ notebook to transcribe. Also means I can't write any more, b/c I refuse to have 18 different notebooks going. I think the bunnies are fighting over who gets to be next. Brats.)

ETA: Correction - Patches had a single lamb and needed help pushing/pulling it out. She's also a first time mom, so we got to spend 45 minutes this morning playing "Round & Round the Boxstall" and "Where's the Teat?" Fortunately, her baby's a bit smarter than she is, and knew what to do once we shoved her underneath. And Patches has apparently decided that letting this strange, smelly little creature suck on her is a Very Good Thing. (Any woman who has breastfed and had to delay a nursing or pumping Knows What I Mean. For everyone else, think of how relieved you feel when you drain the tank after holding it in for too long. ^_^ )


Feb. 27th, 2011 08:09 pm
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First off, thanks everyone for the kind wishes when I first posted about the little ram. Sorry I didn't reply sooner; it's just been a little crazy this weekend.

So, here're the little sister pics that I promised!

First, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a 2 day old lamb to hold still for a photo shoot?

Meet "Rhubarb" aka "Ruby". )

More proof spring is creeping closer:

Bonus new baby calf! )

She hasn't even managed standing up at the point this picture was taken. Still sopping wet, and she was trying. She did manage it by the time chores were done, and we shooed the two of them into the barn at sundown, so they could avoid the icy rain that's coming tomorrow.
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Sadly, the little guy didn't make it. Had we found him maybe 15-30 minutes sooner, he wouldn't have gotten so chilled. At least he was warm, dry, and cuddled, as opposed to being cold, wet, and abandoned. I know that's the way of the natural world, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

My father and my older son are going down the barn to do chores soon, so we'll see if the little sister survived the night. She was on her feet and trying to nurse when we found them, so she should be OK. It didn't get too cold last night, and we put her and her mother in the barn.

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. I just wish I had better news to report. I'll try to come back later with pics of the new baby, just so this doesn't end on a complete downer.
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So my darling sheep Honey (a rescue lamb herself) was farther along than any of us realized, and delivered us two little lambs this afternoon. However, this is New England, and it is wet and cold, and raw, and she had twins. That means the first little guy got left to his devices while she pushed out the second one. She didn't even get to lick him clean before the cold got to him and she wrote him off. My older son discovered them as he was going to let everyone in for the night.

I carried him in my coat up to the house, gave him a warm bath in the sink (Mom's going to love that XP) and rubbed him down vigorously. Right now he's bundled up in some rags in a laundry basket, since he can't sit up on his own. He's not freezing any more, and has been bleating - rather pathetically, but any noise is better than the silent gasping he was doing earlier. At the moment, he seems to be napping while we wait for a fresh milk delivery from his mama down the barn. He's quiet, but he's breathing deeply, so my fingers are crossed.

Any kindly thoughts you can send his way will be much appreciated. At the moment, not too hopeful about his chances to see sunrise. T^T


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