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Brain droppings )

I should make these people as Sims & turn them all loose.

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My brain, it is a special place. )


I see a lot of "What if Jet never saw Iroh heating his tea?" fics, but I haven't yet found any "What if the fight ended before the Dai Li showed up?"

I have strong faith in Iroh's ability to talk anyone down if he chooses (combined with the Dai Li penchant for "keeping the peace" - they'd pick Jet up when it won't be as big a fuss), and I've always loved this line (badly remembered) from some romance novel I read years ago: "It had been her experience that men would do their best to bash each other skulls in, and, failing that, would promptly become the best of friends. They usually celebrated this by becoming cock-eyed drunk."

I strongly doubt Jet & Zuko would "promptly become the best of friends" or that Iroh would let them get plastered together, but the idea still stuck. :)

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:wants to make a G1!Soundwave icon: -->
:has no base images to play with on this computer: -->
:should really be in bed: -->

Older son f*cked up his finger in afterschool sports. Didn't tell me until after dinner.   Now we have an appt. with the doc for tomorrow morning, and I had been planning to go in early tomorrow. :le sigh: (It just looks like a sprain, so not too worried.)

Screw trying to roof corral & build new coop. I shall upgrade the existing one and build a 10' X 10' run attached to it.

Have a ficlet snippet from 'Fruitful'. Still working on nudging this section where I want it to go, but I'm not sure it'll work.

I will end up in hell for this fic, I'm sure. )
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OK, mentioned a while back something about TFA!Starscream was busy preening at having the Nemesis as his harem, courtesy of the Allspark. Have a half-polished 1st scene from that bunny (although he's not in it). (I was asked in all seriousness what I was on when my husband read my notebook, and I didn't even get as far as explaining the whole bunny. )


If Starscream is Adam, does that make Slipstream Eve and Blackarachnia Lilith? )

Next up: Lugnut attempts to court Starscream. It goes about as well as can be expected. XP
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Title: 'Idle Hands'
Warnings/content advice: None
Rating: G
Continuity: Bayverse, between 2007 & 2009 movies
Characters: Optimus Prime, Epps, Lennox, Ratchet, Ironhide (mentions Sideswipe, Red Alert, Prowl)
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these guys. Should have worked in 'Bee somehow.
Prompt: 5/21/2011 -- "Too much time on my hands"

Time: Approx 30 minutes, banged out before work. Please point out any glaring errors and I'll fix them later. ^_^

Idle hands are the Devil's playthings. Poor Epps. )


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Title: 'Cliff --- eh, you know'
Warnings/content advice: None
Rating: G
Continuity: G-1
Characters: Bumblebee, Sidewsipe
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine. Although I might have a G1 Bumblebee around somewhere...
Prompt: 5/21/2011 -- "Cliffhanger"

Time: Approx 20 minutes, not counting transcribing and proofing.


No, I don't know why they were on patrol together. )



This other one was spawned a long time ago, but through a series of comically frustrating events never got transcribed. Bunny was spawned by Shy-Light's "Rock Climbing" and is posted with permission. Using the Speedwriting headers for my personal amusement / indexing. It seemed appropriate to post today, given the prompt.

Title: 'Rock Climbing'
Warnings/content advice: None
Rating: G
Continuity: G-1
Characters: Hound, Mirage
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine. Hound would love it here.

Old fic is old. )



Haven't forgotten the chickie pics. Just can't find my card reader.
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EDIT: Just realized I forgot header-ish stuff for these, but it's after 10 PM and I already took my contacts out, so fix in the morning. XP

Short version: Bayverse AU, OC warning, TFs not mine, PG-ish rating. End EDIT.

Pearls bunny has been suspiciously cooperative with some of these speedwriting prompts. Granted, I'm getting more character development than plot, but it's something. Maybe we'll finally get this show on the road. :cough:

Anyway! Two bites for prompt #1: a room with an empty seat which should be occupied, both about 30 mins with pen and paper, 1 kinda angsty, the other cute until the last line.

Title: (none yet)
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Continuity: Bayverse AU
Characters: Sideswipe
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously. Read comments for quick & dirty rundown of AU
Prompt: 'A room with an empty seat which should be occupied'
No. 1 )



Title: (none yet)
Warnings: OCs
Rating: PG (mentions rude stuff ^_^)
Bayverse AU
Characters: Ironhide, Will Lennox, mentions of Barricade, OC Kate, OC younglings
Not mine, obviously. Read comments for quick & dirty rundown of AU
Prompt: 'A room with an empty seat which should be occupied'


No. 2 )
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This one bit when I glanced at the prompts for last Wednesday in [ profile] tf_speedwriting Pearls!bunny hopped up and begged me to write this, but I locked it away, covered my ears, and went "La la la la!" until I was done fighting with the spook_me entry. (Didn't win the fight, but ... I'd call it a draw.)

Sat down with pen and pad yesterday to finally write it. Got about 10 minutes in when my father called. "Hey, find me that bottle of 'mycin I had and bring it down the barn." Oh goody. "Oh, hey, while you're down here, help me dose this pig."

Get back up to the house, find my pen, "Hey, I'm almost done down the barn. Go hook the truck up to the trailer for me." Dammit, you're borrowing George's truck. I hate driving George's truck. Makes your 3500 look small and I can't see the trailer hitch to line up right. Half an hour later, it's "Hey, before you go back in the house, help me unload these chickens and swap pigs around. Oh, and come down the barn with me to work gates for me."

I love my father, my whole family, and the farm. Really, I do. But damn if it seems like every time I sit down to write, something comes up to demand my attention!

ANYWAY! Better late than never. I figure, I probably spent about an hour and a half actually writing/plotting, even if it took over 24 hours to actually get it written. I, apparently, am not allowed to write short even when I have the pen in my hand and the bunny hopping up and down madly with a complete scene.

This is my brain on me. Also, chickens. Because everything's better with chickens. )


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 OK, this bit me a day before I saw the [ profile] spook_me  challenge go out. So I thought, "Hey! Awesome! I've got a lot of "haunted car" ideas floating around my head!" And I happily signed up. Even found a lovely pic that I wanted to try and recolor to post at the bottom.

Aaaaaand then Sunstreaker flipped me off with both hands and told me to rotate. After much teeth and hair pulling, I managed to get 3 scenes written that don't look like they were done by my 5 and 12 year old. Together. While arguing.

So, it sucks. Hard. But, I signed up, and it'd be more embarrassing to wuss out and not post at all than it is to post late crap. Enjoy my faily story. Hey, at least I got it up in time for Halloween itself, right?

And the car in question is this one, but I haven't figured out how to recolor it in yellows and oranges.

Crap fic is crap. )


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I ... have no excuse for this. I had been debating buying "From the Ashes" and it's sequels recently, since I got to read it way back when the author was kind enough to release it a chapter at a time to her Yahoo group. Somehow, last night, that spawned ... this. I think this is supposed to be a snapshot in Pearls, but that's just me. No real editing. Just a quick spell check. I'm not even through my first cup of coffee.

I swear, I don't do drugs. I think, if I ever did, I would be a lot more boring. XD

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional. )
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No slag, there I was. Delving into the Pit of Voles and wandering other people's favorites to find new gems. Hidden near the bottom of one list, I found ... this.

Smile for the Camera

This ... I don't know what this is. Funny as hell, especially when you're doped up on cold meds. Short version? The humans are slowly but surely getting annoyed with Red Alert's paranoia and suspicion. And the obscene number of cameras he has hidden all over the base. So Sam, Mikaela, and Miles decide to do something about it.

With all the maturity of a pack of teenagers.

Red Alert needs Desperately. XD

Alas and alack, it hasn't been updated in 2 years. T^T

One More

Sep. 16th, 2010 12:03 pm
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Welp, having posted "5 More Minutes" I was able to go back and type this one up. Oddly enough, it was finished first, but I couldn't focus on it long enough to go back and transfer it to the computer. I know rabbits can be housebroken; I wonder if it's possible to do the same for bunnies.

This little gem was spawned by a signature line over on
Customers Suck, and once again, I'm proud of myself for keeping this short. :hugs new ficlet bunnies:

Tweaked it a bit as I was typing (and I'm still trying to figure out how I wrote "accident" when I meant "telepath" that first time. I can't even blame the computer, since I was using a pen and paper. O_o) so now it's time to stare it unbroken on a screen before I decided if it's grown enough to survive the Pit of Voles. Already caught 2 mispellings just from copying it over to LJ and getting a different perspective. LOL

Continuity: G1 (but would probably fit in any, maybe even SG if you take out the first bit about Starscream)
Character(s): Soundwave & co.
Rating: G
Warnings: a bit serious, a touch cracky, a touch 'awww', and a touch 'WTF was I on when I wrote that?" Mix well.



Madness does not always howl. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day asking, “Hey. Is there room in your head for one more?” )


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Title: 5 More Minutes (I'm bad at titling things too)
'Verse: AU Transformers, possible movie'verse combined with G1.
Characters: Barricade, Frenzy
Rating: PG
Warnings: a bit of TF cussing, Barricade being uncomfortable, Frenzy being Frenzy

Barricade backed up warily, mentally chanting Don't slag the brat. Don't slag the brat. Don't slag the brat. until he hit the back of the couch and stumbled. Before he could recover, Frenzy tackled him, and they both tumbled over, legs and arms akimbo. )

I am apparently not going to get to write what I want, so I may as well run with it. This jumped me .. Sunday night? Or maybe Monday morning. And I started and finished it yesterday, mostly while waiting for my son's kindergarten teacher. I am so proud of myself for writing short! Sent it off to [ profile] ante_luce  and was given permission to post, so here it is! And no, I don't know what the bet was.

Aaaaand and edit/tweak b/c apparently I suck at cuts too. 


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