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I am down 5 chickens. I let 20 out this morning. 2 I know for a fact are dead, because I found their bodies: Lucy, my oldest red hen, and the rooster we were saving for one of my husband's coworkers. 3 are missing: the big white one I have had left, a big black one she flocked with, and the little black Silkie cross.  I just spent the past 45 mins walking around (haven't even changed out of my uniform, so I'm freezing), and located 4 of them. 1 red hen was hiding next door under a trailer; she called out to me when I walked by, calling to them. 1 of her buddies, the black hen I could find, was hiding behind the tire of a wagon out in the field. I was afraid I'd find one or both of their corpses, because I could see black feathers tumbling across the snow. She didn't call out, but she seems the be ok. The little red Hamburg they follow around (Tac. Tic's the one we lost earlier) was farther down to the barn. He wouldn't let me pick him up (he never does), so I had to put the hen down so he'd stick with her. The little white hen who's brothers we packed off was hiding in the bushes, and I mistook her for a clump of snow at first. Now that I'm thawed, I'm going to change and go back to looking. And as soon as the temps climb enough so I can work without gloves, I'm going to build that damned run, and noone is going to say shit to me. I will turn that thing into Fort goddamned Knox if I can; I don't care how much it costs.

We know for a fact it was a fox, because my mother saw him while she was leaving for work, and took the time to lock up the birds she could find, all 11 of them.

And if I get my hands on him, I will rip off his fucking head and use it as a football.


2 of 3 found: Other big black hen was found dead down by brook. Big white hen was hiding under bench behind coop (good girl!) but little black hen is still missing. I found feathers that look like hers, and some blood on the snow, so I'm not holding my breath. :(


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