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So. Lucy (the red hen) is going into molt and decided she doesn't have the energy to lay for a while. That's ok, because Jenny (the white ... ish one) has gotten over her brood from when she laid the 16 and is starting to lay again. The cute part, however, is that Lucy has decided that her "comfort zone" is the rail on our kitchen porch and the bush right behind it. So when we open the coop every morning, she runs up and parks herself by our main door and hangs out until bedtime. Sometimes one or more of the others will keep her company, but she's there all day.

The hinge on my DS is cracked, so I need to replace the shell. Again. The hardest part of DIY repairs is (I've found) realizing you have more to select from than the retail options, and now you have to decide. I've done my son's in green camo, used a translucent green, and had a black & red with a Chinese dragon. Right now I'm leaning to the classic black/blue combo, or going for a 3rd party iridescent green.

Well, being part of the school system, I'm off until Monday. My husband was going to be off for Thanksgiving dinner - he works 3rd, so it would be his "Friday" shift - but they offered him 2.5X base pay, so he's jumping on it. The little one was distraught Daddy would "miss the party!" until we pointed out this meant more money for Christmas. Then he was cool with it.

We found ourselves with a surplus of turkeys this year, both fresh & frozen, so 2 of them have gone on to Soldier On, the local veteran's facility. 1 was donated today, so it won't be thawed in time for tomorrow, but it can still sit in the deep freeze until it's convenient for them.

Thinking of knitting socks for my father for Xmas. The question is, will he actually wear them, or will they get tucked away safely? XP Basically I'm going to knit them anyway, should I knit them in his size? LOL

I think ... takeout tonight. Anything I cook will create leftovers, and we have no space for that. XD
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Saw Dark of the Moon yesterday. I still love the little theater downtown. Due to going shortly after the parade, the theater was almost empty. We took both our boys, and were able to keep them guessing right up until the tickets were ripped, b/c they had to hit the restrooms while we were buying the tickets. ^_~

Little one slept through part of it, somewhere after the halfway point, so yeah, shit was blowing up and he didn't care. ^_^

Commentary a day after the fact and in no particular order. Also, I missed bits due to potty breaks, but I was assured they were not plot relevant. You have been warned

Srsly, if you're on my f-list, you probably beat me to the theater and this isn't spoiling you. I suck. XD )

OK, somewhat spoilery stuff done!

More random crap. )

OK. That's a quick recap. Where's my beer?


Sep. 12th, 2010 08:58 pm
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OK, so I'm playing Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar. And I have 4 chickens, named Thundr, Sky, Star, and Fire. ^_^; (curse you character limit!) And come winter, in my first blizzard, Fire got left outside and I couldn't find him. XD 

Yeah, I can be easily amused.

And Pearls bunny is about to be locked in a hutch until it accepts that, as funny as it is to get Prowl, Barricade, and Jazz playing poker with the NEST crew, it ain't happening. At least, not until it gives me more of the early story and we get Jazz back on his feet. Although Zombie!Jazz would be funny at a poker game.


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