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So my kids have been on an Avatar: The Last Airbender kick lately. The little guy wants to be Aang for Halloween. Cool. Orange & yellow, a bald cap & some makeup, a stick; we can do this.

So I ask if Daddy & I can be Iroh & Aunt Wu. (I tried to convince my husband to do pimp!Iroh. No luck. :P ) He says no, he wants us to do Katara & Sokka. I pointed out that I wouldn't be able to kiss Daddy while we were in costume, since Sokka & Katara are brother & sister. He thought about that for a minute, and said:

"OK. Daddy can be Zuko. You still have to be Katara."

My kids are awesome. XD
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For everything else, there's energon goodies. )

We don't have a video of the final, detailed, transformation. He wanted to get out and get candy ASAP, and had to pee when we got back. So, hopefully in the next week or so.

But! I have pics of him and his brother. Older kid wanted to be Darth Maul this year. (Why this year, I don't know.) His was so much easier: Black pants, black shirt, a modified Snuggie to cover the lack of horns, and some face paint. He already had the dual saber from the 6 Flags trip.

The pumpkin really makes the shot. )

Anyone know how I can rotate the video? )

Darth Derp )

Here's the entire album, if you're curious. ^_^

Hai, guyz!

Oct. 28th, 2011 10:24 pm
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Guess what landed in my living room?

Insert photo shoot )

So. He's happy, but it needs a bit of tweaking. And the other half of the velcro attached to the protoform sweat suit. Yellow duct tape to finish the nose cone, and (obviously) the wings. Just because of the time involved, he won't be transforming at every house, but he can do it, and he's thrilled. He's going to be playing with this until it falls apart.

Also: I have a spider that makes me squeal instead of shriek now! <3
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There is white stuff falling from the sky and sticking.  It's not even Halloween yet! Not fair!

Yes, I'm used to this. I've lived here my whole life. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Speaking of Halloween )

I took the older one for X-rays on his finger yesterday morning. 8:40 AM and the doc says we're her 3rd X-ray of the day already. Ummm, yay? Fortunately, it's just a sprain, but that does mean he has to keep it wrapped and splinted for a few days. I swear, it seemed like it took longer to get it through his head that, "No, you can't play sports with it on." "Yes, you have to keep it on." "No, you can't take it off for gym and then put it back on." "Yes, we really mean that!" than anything else. (Except maybe waiting for the radiologist to look at the X-ray.) You would have thought we kicked his puppy in front of him when he finally got it. Yeesh. XP
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Pic cut )
ETA: Just noticed I posted 3 days in a row! Go me! Now if only I could get my stories done.... DX
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Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Halloween is a big deal for us. Christmas is fun, fireworks are awesome, but no holiday will ever compare to Halloween. Given the opportunity, we will make our own costumes, usually on a theme. The year our youngest was born, we did Harry Potter (He was the snitch, oldest was HP, husband was Hagrid, and I was Trelawney. Still have to upload those.) Last year Our oldest was a Gonk droid, and the little one was a Toyota Yaris. Gods bless duct tape!

This year broke tradition a little because the youngest really really wanted the Bayverse!Bumblebee he saw at Walmart, and we knew we'd never be able to make him one that we'd be happy with in time for Halloween. The rest of us did zombie/survivor theme, which mostly meant buying liquid latex and raiding the barn clothes, recycle bin, and grabbing paintball markers.

Fake cut is fake. And saves posting lots of photos. )
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I know, old lame joke. There is a reason. In honor of Halloween.

I have decided, in my own personal headspace, to let Barricade brain-break most of NEST. I figure, the vast majority of the active guys are around my age (late 20s-mid30s), so they grew up on Star Wars. Barricade's favorite SW character(s) are the Ewoks. For a typically (for me) twisted reason.

Think very carefully about that. Most people have either gone as an Ewok for Halloween, or know someone who has. My grandmother made me a kick-ass Wickett costume when I was younger, that I think survived the fire and is floating around somewhere.

Cute, adorable, timeless, right?

Now, think about what the Ewoks did when they found Han & Luke. Also, at the end of the movie, one was quite happily banging away on some various trooper helms. And they did kill quite a few in the woods.

Now, let that stew in your mind for a few minutes, and then riddle me this:

Raise your hand. How many of us dressed as a cannibal teddy bear for Halloween?

:raises hand:

Enjoy this darkening of your childhood memories. This is why I should not break my fast with highly sugared coffee. ^_^


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