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Trying to figure out of much pipe I need to run an arc roof over the corral so I can turn it into a chicken run. I know the corral is ~40' wide, and I need it to be about 10' at its peak (maybe more, but if I can nail the original math, I can fudge it #s later), which is ~4 feet  from the top of the posts I'm using to anchor the PVC pipe. My (really rough) guesstimate/instinct is I need ~60'-70' of pipe per "rib" (and they come in 10' lengths), but I'd feel a lot better if I could remember the formulas for arc length and circle geometry in general.

On the upshot, the carpentry class of the local HS vocational wing has agreed to build me a chicken tractor based on the Cluckingham Palace. So,
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From #1 in the countdown of  "7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost To Retarded Heroes":

"While boys were taught that evil giant transforming robots could only be defeated with other giant transforming robots, girls were taught that
evil could be defeated with the power of rainbows and flamboyant song  and dance.
Which one better prepared their audience for the real world?  If you'd like to find out, go perform a choreographed song and dance  number in the middle of the highway while a semi bares down on you. In your final moments of consciousness, imagine how much more terrifying  this would all be if that semi was sentient." (emphasis mine)
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OK, so my youngest turns 5 today. Yesterday we had his party, and my wonderful, highstrung aunt did all the decorations, which I suggested be Transformers or Cars. She of course, showed up with Bayverse plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins, color coordinated balloons, a card, and custome made wrapping paper by putting stickers all over red paper. Oh, and little slideshow clicky pencil toppers, and a TF shirt that came with a little Prime keychain. I love her dearly, but she does not know the meaning of "restraint". ^_^

The card is what gets me though. It's one of those talking ones. This is the picture:

Bayverse!Prime, looking typically majestic and imposing, right? What's the problem?

The quote is TFA!Optimus Prime. Absolutely hysterical. because it makes it sound like OP was sucking on helium. Someone was when they put this one together!


Also, how does a fluffy & sweet H&M fic spawn a ... more mature ... Prowl/Sideswipe one? :whimper:
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Lessee, random life ramblings:

(I love using bumper stickers as post titles.) )

Oh well. I supposed I should go make some phone calls and see who's hiring besides the local grocery store (already applied there. Still waiting). And box up some crap to get out of here.
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SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! )

If you'll excuse me, I'll be over in the corner squealing and flailing most immaturely.


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