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I got the school lunch job! Of course, this is contingent on passing a physical and a CORI. So, yeah. no problem.

Can't guarantee hours (or days), I could end up working a different school each day, and even if I started right away, I wouldn't see pay until January (yay biweekly checks XP ), but, over all, I'd much rather have this than your average register job. I get to do something (cooking), and I don't have to worry about a boss that has a problem with giving the newbie weekends and holidays off (not to mention school vacations!).

Now it's just a matter of waiting. Fortunately, turnaround time right now for the background check is averaging under 2 weeks, and once the physical is passed they'll start me while waiting for the CORI if they need me. I already know I can pass that; not only do I have, at worst, a minor traffic accident on my record, but I had to pass one back when I drove Special Needs.

Oh well. I can use the time to pad my wardrobe of knit shirts & black slacks, and stock up on hair cages/sticks. Thinking of trying that spiral thingy Goody has been advertising. Or get a haircut.
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(This may become my standard "job hunt" icon.)

Stop the world. I want off. )

So, my life sucks. How 'bout yours?

EDIT: And it's amazing how much one phone call will change your mood. Called the school Food services on a whim, to find out that yes, she was going to call to set up interviews this week, and yes, my app was already on the top of the pile. 9 AM Wednesday morning.

Time to go work on a shawl. Oh, wait. the cow's jumping the fence again. XP
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You know those stupid "personality tests" employers sometimes make you take? The "Agree/Disagree/I don't give a flying f*ck?" ones? I frigging hate those. With the passion of a thousand fiery suns. I just filled out an app for McD's, and you have to take one. Grrrrrrr. At least I'm not feeling apathetic right now.

Oh, and my husband may be awesome, but if he doesn't get the hint that, yes, I know I need a job, thank you for pointing out what a miserable failure I am in finding one, he will get a knee high boot up his ass. And before you mention that I should tell him in plain speak, I already have. In almost those exact words (I didn't say "miserable failure" because he was about to go punch in and I didn't want him to be depressed for the night.). He just (in what seems to be typical Guy-Think) thinks he's being helpful and supportive. 

I love him, but ...
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This is really just me whining because, right now? The only open ears are my parents and my kids. Not really an option either way. 
Ignore my whining. )

Yeah. Just me being pissy and emo. When the walking-through-jello feeling comes back I'll worry.  
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So. In good news, my husband is finally officially hired on, so no more temp agency. Yay!

However, unless he racks up 10+ hours of overtime each week, I can't balance the budget, and our savings are finally running dry. He may be willing to do it, but he works in the, well, 2nd half of the construction process, which means that if the 1st half gets slowed down, there's nothing for his team to do, ergo, no OT.

So that means I have to get a job.  So, lets see:

About 1/2-2/3 the job listings are for various medical positions. That's out. Most of the rest are either spam listings (Work from home! Take surveys! Fill out forms! Send us money!), or for shifts I can't work. No babysitting = only available during school. That left me 2 grocery stores (1 stopped hiring after I filled in my app, the other "will keep it on file".), the school dept food service (will start calling for interviews in a few weeks, say around Turkey Day), and the local liquor store.

Now, that last one I just dropped off yesterday, so no clue how that one's going to turn out, but damn I hate applications! "Give us your 3-4 most recent jobs!" Umm, I've been out of work for almost 5 years, because I was caring for my grandmother. I don't even recall my supervisor's names, 1 closed up shop, and I sure don't recall my wages or exactly when I was hired 10 years ago. "Oh, and give us 3 non-supervisory references, and if you don't have work references, give us 3 people who aren't related to you!" Yeah. See that "caring for my grandmother" part? I didn't have contact info for coworkers when I did work with them, and then I was almost as housebound as she was, so my only contacts were my family. I supposed I could put down my sons' teachers, but what could they say? "She's doing the best she can with 2 willful sons." 

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Mostly because my husband is an asshole. Awesome, but still an asshole. S'why I love him. ^_^ And I'm applying to Food Service in the school system, so my work schedule will mirror the boys' schedule. In fact, I dropped off the app today, but the staff was already gone (the office is in one of the local HS), so I got tarteddolled up for nothing. Ah well. It's in the inbox for tomorrow morning. Now to sit and wait. and wait. and wait some more. ^_^

Good thing my nails are already too short to bite off. Time to start that 2nd sock!


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