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So my kids have been on an Avatar: The Last Airbender kick lately. The little guy wants to be Aang for Halloween. Cool. Orange & yellow, a bald cap & some makeup, a stick; we can do this.

So I ask if Daddy & I can be Iroh & Aunt Wu. (I tried to convince my husband to do pimp!Iroh. No luck. :P ) He says no, he wants us to do Katara & Sokka. I pointed out that I wouldn't be able to kiss Daddy while we were in costume, since Sokka & Katara are brother & sister. He thought about that for a minute, and said:

"OK. Daddy can be Zuko. You still have to be Katara."

My kids are awesome. XD


Sep. 1st, 2012 07:27 pm
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So after the last "camping trip", I told my husband I wasn't doing it again without electricity & running water. (Hey, I have to deal with enough crap here. "Roughing it"is not my idea of fun at the moment. :P )

Bastard. :) (He also has most of the photos on his phone, and I haven't had a chance yet to steal it & upload them.)

It was supposed to be a Friday-Sunday thing, last weekend, but with all the garbage going on during the week, including up to Friday morning, we didn't get down there until almost 7 PM, with barely enough time to set up. (A ~2.5 hour drive, keep in mind). So, Friday was shot. Buy a local pizza for dinner, inflate the beds, go to sleep.

Saturday was spent mostly at Mystic Aquarium, where the kids had a blast petting various sharks & rays, watching the penguins & whales watch them, and generally dragging us all over the place. :D We actually almost didn't get the little guy out of the Titanic exhibit, b/c they had small replicas of the Alvin submersible and a bit of the Titanic "engine" room (really just a pit with speaking tubes to the upper level, and buttons, lights, and horns), both designed to be climbed in. The ginormous cage of parakeets that you could enter & feed them was fun, but the little things were so small & zippy that my little guy was very freaked out and only happy if I was holding/feeding them. Poor dear. Oh, and he talked me into getting him a penguin plush as a souvenir. "Cutie-Pie" now goes every where with him, including the grocery store. And since s/he's a baby penguin, Humphrey the Ladybug & Pidove have taken over "mothering" her so she feels safe. <3

After the Aquarium, it was time to scour The Book Barn, which was how he talked me in to all this. ;-) Found all 5 discs of Rah-Xephon, the first 3 Nightrunner books (even if the 2n one has vanished), and a bunch of books I'd read, and was keeping an eye out for, including Knitting Goddess & The Mary Frances Knitting & Crocheting Book. Oldest grabbed Naruto & ... other stuff. I forget. XD Husband found a book on the NY Giants (and football season is starting. Joy. :P ) and fantasy-type room makeovers. The little guy got basically random stuff that looked interesting, including a kids book of haiku. Sadly, the one book I was really hoping to find, was not there (Dance With Dragons). I'd also hoped to grab more David Weber or Marc Del Franco, but only snagged On Basilisk Station (Weber). The only thing that kept me from grabbing about 3X what I did was the knowledge that my mother's Jeep had been packed to the gills on the way down. (As it was, we barely got everyone and everything back in.)

Sunday we broke down everything early, packed the Jeep, brought our extra firewood to one of the neighbors - apparently about 1/2 the lots are leased long term for RVs - and then grabbed a beach parking pass from the front office, so we could spend the day at the beach. Plan was to stay until we pruned, then return the pass & head home. Unfortunately, there was a floating dive platform anchored out, and my youngest wanted to go to it. He can't swim that well, at least in an active ocean, and we didn't have his vest, so that was a no-go, and he had a fit. We walked up the hill to the park until he ran it off, and then packed up the chairs.

All in all, a fun trip, but no, it wasn't worth the effort of camping. If I'm going sightseeing, why must I bring my bed & my room as well as my luggage? Camping, to me, is heading out into the woods for a week, hiking, swimming, campfires, etc. And right now, that is not a relaxing idea, because of the logistics of setting up for that week of playing.

Of course, watching my husband mutter "what the hell?" and "why did we ..." as we ran into the snags I expected was worth it, because he promised me that next time it was a weekend trip, it would either be an RV/trailer, or we would get a motel for the night(s).

That said, I wouldn't mind doing it again. Just, not in a tent. ;D

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OK, I'm sure I have forgotten tons of stuff by now.

Socks were stalled by the (temporary) loss of the pattern. XP On the other hand, I have revamped the ones I want to do for my Dad and am much happier with them. Scarves are almost done. ^_^

Little guy got a phone call direct from Santa on Weds, and went nuts the rest of the night. ^_~ Then he got a letter from Santa on Saturday. XD

Cards are in the mail (only 1 mailing day late!), as in the mail truck just left with them. The crafty little thing I wanted to do got set aside by me coming to my senses, so I asked the chickens for ideas instead. I can always tell when I'm coming down with a head cold because suddenly, taking on lots of projects when I have a deadline seems like a Really Good Idea! Why I can't be ambitious when it comes to actually getting real shit done around the house, I'll never know.

I have gotten several cards from my lovely f-list, thank you so much! Ratchet's from [ profile] mininise28 has been stolen, and the crane that come in [ profile] antepathy's card (my favorite color: glitter!) is now nesting in my scrunchie on the Christmas tree. I still have [ profile] dragondancer515's, but that's only because my kids haven't gotten to it yet. Apparently, cards from family are boring, but cards from online people are cool. XD

Kids are getting spoiled more than they deserve, at least based on their last actions. I won't go into what, since there's an off chance  my older one will find this before the craziness (3 families in 1 day!) that is this weekend, but suffice it to say I will have a looooot of leverage over them.
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I finally got the little guy to finish writing his letter to Santa. He's apparently more interested in writing to Ratchet. Eh, same color scheme. XD

Big shock, he wants cars - Hot Wheels, Transformers, you name it! The older one's tougher; he wants a 3DS, a Kindle, a cell phone... Basically, half the stuff on my list. XP Husband's taken care of; I bought him a scuba tank for his paintball games back in Sept. Actually, almost everyone is taken care of. My niece had a Yankee Candle fundraiser, so I "cheated" and did a lot of shopping there. Now I just have to find the list of who got what! I have 3 pairs of socks to knit, and at least 2 more scarves, and then it's wrapping, wrapping, wrapping.

If you want cards, drop me a line over here. Comments screened. ^_^

Tree's up!

Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:52 pm
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I think I mentioned earlier (somewhere) that we started a new tree decorating tradition a few years ago. We put up the tree (rescued from the bin @ Mom's work) & the lights, grab a beer or wine, and let the little guy go to town. It all started back when he was really little and we picked up a lot of necklaces from The Big E's Mardi Gras Parade. He literally threw them at the tree that year. My mother and I looked at each other, said, "Works for me!" and put the ornaments away.

Enjoy the show. ^_^

Believe it or not, the lights were on the whole time. The tree kept blinking! LOL )

ETA: Yes, those are my scrunchies in pic #5. Someone @ work asked me that. XD
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There were 2 minor bright notes over the weekend, and I figure you all are weird enough to get a kick out of my amusement:

1. I got my 6 year old to help me vacuum the entire living room, including the little throw rugs. First, I gave him an 18 lb bag of baking soda (yes, 18 pounds), and showed him how to scatter it over the rugs. He was ... enthusiastic. ^_^ Then, we played "Red Light / Green Light"with the vacuum and its dirt sensor. It took over an hour, but the whole damn living room is a green light. (Of course, by the end, I think it was pulling up bits of the older-than-me rug, but hey.)

2. Thursday was Cookie Day in the kitchen. Which means doing massive (even for a commercial kitchen) amounts of chocolate chip cookie dough and feeding it through one of these .(Actually, the one we have is really really old that they lucked out to find.) It makes those little slugs of ready-to-cook dough you find at the grocery store. Basically, you feed a bunch of dough into the hopper at the top, and it squeezes the dough down to the trays on the conveyor belt, cutting it off on the wire under the hopper as it goes. And all I could think when they pulled it out was "I want one!" I have no idea where I would put it, but I would be preforming cookie dough left and right with it! LOL
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For everything else, there's energon goodies. )

We don't have a video of the final, detailed, transformation. He wanted to get out and get candy ASAP, and had to pee when we got back. So, hopefully in the next week or so.

But! I have pics of him and his brother. Older kid wanted to be Darth Maul this year. (Why this year, I don't know.) His was so much easier: Black pants, black shirt, a modified Snuggie to cover the lack of horns, and some face paint. He already had the dual saber from the 6 Flags trip.

The pumpkin really makes the shot. )

Anyone know how I can rotate the video? )

Darth Derp )

Here's the entire album, if you're curious. ^_^

Hai, guyz!

Oct. 28th, 2011 10:24 pm
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Guess what landed in my living room?

Insert photo shoot )

So. He's happy, but it needs a bit of tweaking. And the other half of the velcro attached to the protoform sweat suit. Yellow duct tape to finish the nose cone, and (obviously) the wings. Just because of the time involved, he won't be transforming at every house, but he can do it, and he's thrilled. He's going to be playing with this until it falls apart.

Also: I have a spider that makes me squeal instead of shriek now! <3
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There is white stuff falling from the sky and sticking.  It's not even Halloween yet! Not fair!

Yes, I'm used to this. I've lived here my whole life. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Speaking of Halloween )

I took the older one for X-rays on his finger yesterday morning. 8:40 AM and the doc says we're her 3rd X-ray of the day already. Ummm, yay? Fortunately, it's just a sprain, but that does mean he has to keep it wrapped and splinted for a few days. I swear, it seemed like it took longer to get it through his head that, "No, you can't play sports with it on." "Yes, you have to keep it on." "No, you can't take it off for gym and then put it back on." "Yes, we really mean that!" than anything else. (Except maybe waiting for the radiologist to look at the X-ray.) You would have thought we kicked his puppy in front of him when he finally got it. Yeesh. XP


Oct. 17th, 2011 08:10 am
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Had the little one's 6th birthday party yesterday. I wish I could have had a party with friends for him, instead of just family, but I'm too broke. Besides, the day before, he went to a classmate's pool party at the local community center and ... well, 18 kids on a sugar rush in an echo chamber. I don't think I could have done that 2 days in a row.

Stuff. )

Also, Halloween is coming!
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Seriously? There's something wrong with society's priorities if school's need to go begging to keep the library open.

Save the Atwater Elementary School Library -- IndieGoGo

(I love that title, eerian! Hope you don't mind if I copy it! I'll be donating tomorrow, as soon as my husband's paycheck clears. ^_~)
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I DVR'd most of Season 1 (I have to hunt down the very first ep, and 'Ticket Master') but didn't get to watch it.

However, because my kids like to watch The Hub a lot, it got left on when the first ep of Season 2 cam on and ...

Discord! Oh my gods, Discord! It's Q on crack!

Oh, and I had to kill who knows how many hours on TVTropes. This show is going to be the death of me.

(I have most of those colors in yarn too. )
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Well, today may have been my last day at my temp job. I'm technically available Monday, but looking at the weather ... I don't know if the place will have power or not.  It was a lot of fun, and I'll head back next summer (as long as there's work to do), but I'm going to miss the people there. OTOH, I can't complain about a job that has school hours, literally! I just hope I get a permanent position. Makes budgeting so much easier.

I started cleaning the yard for Irene almost as soon as I got home, with a small break to go grab McD's for the boys. After 3-4 really cute voicemails from my youngest this week begging for it (including one where he roped my mother into calling!), I caved. This ... may take a while. Hopefully, when this is done, the yard will stay clean for a while. *coughbullshitcough* I give it 3 days before there are hoses, pails, and other assorted farm junk all over the place, while I get bitched at about the place looking like "the town dump". Tomorrow is dash over to the house we own, pull in the A/C and trash cans (not much left outside, anyways), wish I had plywood for windows, dash back here to clean the yard and burn more deadfall before the wind gets it, and spend the night clearing off the floor.

Mostly, I'm worried about the chickens. I'm clearing out the basement, and if the wind reports are bad enough, screw it. I'm getting the bigger cages and dragging them inside. The coop they're in only has chicken wire walls between metal ribs, and a plastic roof. They may be unhappy, and the chickens may be unhappy too, but I don't care.

Oh, and my youngest is adorable (as related by my mother):
Devon: "Grandma! Thank goodness you're home! I need your help with Grammie!"
Mom: "Really? What's wrong?"
Devon: "She said she was going to shoot me! I just wanted to show her a really neat caterpillar [by bringing it into her room]!"
Mom: [laughing] "That's just an expression. She was exaggerating because she was upset."
Devon: "Oh! I didn't know she could lie!" (And this morning he learned she could cook too! )

(Weather for now: clear/partly cloudy, actually got to about 75 F, about 65 now. It won't last.)
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Kids say the darndest things. Especially mine.

As I have mentioned frequently, we have animals. Sheep, goats, chickens, etc. So, of course, that attracts predators, like raccoons and coyotes, and my 5 year old has announced a solution to the coyote problem.

We need a roadrunner.

Apparently, llamas and donkeys are ok for driving off coyotes, but if we really want to get rid of them, we need a roadrunner.

I love my kids. ^_^


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