Apr. 3rd, 2012 05:16 pm
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OK, so I've resolved to finally stop talking about crafting for $ and start doing it. Mostly scrunchies, maybe mandala prints.

And I remember why I didn't want to do this the last time I had this Brilliant Idea!!1!!

Prototype scrunchies. Approximate yardages per round. Cost per yard. Calculated costs. Estimated prices. Hope they're not too high. Hope they're not too low. Shipping costs. Worry there's something I'm missing.

I know it's necessary, and if I was handed this as a checklist by a boss or a friend, I'd do it without (too much) bitching. But damn if I don't want to throw my hands up in the air and say, "Screw it!"

And then there's trying to figure out doing the cards. CafePress? deviantArt? RedBubble (which I just found)? a different on-demand printer? a local printer? completely DIY? :headdesk x2:

Then I look around the house and see all the work that needs to be done here. That I'm expected to do, without actually moving anything.

I swear, I'm not a violent person but I really do think I'm going to have to kill someone here.

Now I've got to find something else, but it's time to make dinner, there's laundry to do, etc, etc .... :lesigh:

On the plus side, progress is being made on claiming MY BATHROOM back from it's lowly status as Random Storage.

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I swear I have a week in review post coming, but....! One of the things my little guy wanted for Xmas was a Zombie Virus Stress Ball. (He's 6 and needs help finding appropriate ways to channel his anger.) I've been putting off the order, trying to pin my husband down on whether or not he wants to add anything to it (he didn't) ... and now they're out of stock! They might be in stock by tomorrow, and tomorrow Noon is the cutoff for the regular ground shipping.

Poor kid! It was in his letter to Santa, too.
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OK, this has stopped annoying me to the point that I start ranting, so now y'all can laugh at this.

Crack a cold one. You'll be a while. )
Oh, and the auto teacher said the gas thing was the seal on the filler neck was wonky, so they reseated it, and we'll see. They're going to check the heat thing later today. Need to make more cookies for those guys.

ETA: Dad brought home chickens on Thursday, and said I could take 1 hen for every rooster I was willing to give up, so we have 2 new hens and 1 Polish rooster (he was a 2:1 swap). (There was a white Silkie that looked just like the one that got killed, but a raccoon found a hole in their pen that I missed, so we lost him and 2 of the hens. Oh well. Made the choice of which rooster to beg for easier. XP)
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(Snipped for slightly salty language and whining.) )

And I desperately want to just crawl under my blankets and watch videos, but there's dinner to be made, chores (inside and out) to be done, and crap to pack up so I have room to get stuff off the floor before the storm this weekend.
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Random post of b!tching and whining. )

And I'm sitting here posting on LJ, stalking my fl (and thinking of adding a few more people), trawling through TVTropes, and trying to figure out Dwarf Fortress before I start up a game.

(On the upshot, I did get my garden its first turnover, and cleaned out 1/2 the chicken coop. They are very happy with the new crap on the floor to scratch up. XD)


Feb. 1st, 2011 04:44 pm
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OK, so my husband got a burr under his saddle about finally getting in shape. I've been quietly after him to do this for years, but I also knew if I pushed him, he'd blow me off and never listen. For whatever reason, he's finally decided, and I'm thrilled.

He borrowed the P90-X program from a coworker that uses it (apparently several of the guys there do) until our taxes come in and we can buy our own. Just finished Day 2 which is a cardio day (with a lot of squats thrown in) and .... *clunk*

I feel great, even as my body is about to mutiny and throw my brain under the bus. But oh, gods, I didn't realize I was so out of shape.


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