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OK, I've never seen Fight Club. I just like the clip. ^_^

Rambling introduction is rambling.

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Went to the Western MA PPD yesterday, partly to see my friend (who was helping another of her friends run a booth), and partially because I just haven't been able to go in a while.

Mostly, we just let the little guy wander until he reached his "crowd limit" and he wanted to go home. Picked up a hairstick from Willow to use as a shawl pin. It has Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark! <3 She had the whole set of the Mane Six (minus Pinkie, who got sold), as well as a Luna/Celestia one. Sadly, I didn't have the $30 by that point to get them all, so I went with Twilight's, since about half my shawls have pink and/or purple in them. I'll ask her for the rest later. ^_^ (I had spent my pittance picking up a book I'd been meaning to get for a while. Even got the author to sign it! Yay!)

Fairey Crown Cottage had some lovely stuff, but sadly, it was way out of my price range at the time. My favorite shop of the day, though,  (after my friend's of course ^_~) was Ironwood Artisans. They had carved wood board games, medieval & self winding tops, these adorable Floppy Feet Dragons, and actual made-from-real-horn drinking horns! Those really caught my husband's eye ("How do you clean them? Does the wax affect the flavor? How often do you need to reline them?"), so I made sure to snag their card. I'm thinking I just got his and my sons' shopping done! (They both wanted the self winding tops.)

There were other cool booths (I really liked the chainmail chicks, but can't find the card at the moment), and some nice workshops, but we didn't get to stay too long. However, despite the clouds and the weather forecast of 5 days of showers, it stayed relatively dry, so everyone was happy.

Oh, and I got my Mystery Shawl blocked out! I'm also not as far behind on the Fall Mystery Shawl as I feared. I'm not caught up, but I'm only 2 clues behind. My best so far! LOL

Now I get to go with my Mom & Grandma to a cousin's "divorce party". Yippee. :P

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When I woke up yesterday morning my hair went to my waist. Then I went to my LYS* for some new laceweight yarn for the Mystery Knit Along, because I didn't like/want to use what I had.

There was a cancer support center moving into the building. Their grand opening was yesterday, which is why I went then. So I could do this:

It's now about 1-2" in the back, going to just above my jawline in the front. :)

I have a better before/after setup, but they're on my grandmother's phone, and I can't lay hands on it yet. XP

*Local Yarn Store, for the non-yarnies
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This. <3 Of course, now I really really want to get the Chartres Afghan. Of course, I want everything Wooly Thoughts has produced, so.... But at least the Baltic one is free.
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OK, I'm sure I have forgotten tons of stuff by now.

Socks were stalled by the (temporary) loss of the pattern. XP On the other hand, I have revamped the ones I want to do for my Dad and am much happier with them. Scarves are almost done. ^_^

Little guy got a phone call direct from Santa on Weds, and went nuts the rest of the night. ^_~ Then he got a letter from Santa on Saturday. XD

Cards are in the mail (only 1 mailing day late!), as in the mail truck just left with them. The crafty little thing I wanted to do got set aside by me coming to my senses, so I asked the chickens for ideas instead. I can always tell when I'm coming down with a head cold because suddenly, taking on lots of projects when I have a deadline seems like a Really Good Idea! Why I can't be ambitious when it comes to actually getting real shit done around the house, I'll never know.

I have gotten several cards from my lovely f-list, thank you so much! Ratchet's from [ profile] mininise28 has been stolen, and the crane that come in [ profile] antepathy's card (my favorite color: glitter!) is now nesting in my scrunchie on the Christmas tree. I still have [ profile] dragondancer515's, but that's only because my kids haven't gotten to it yet. Apparently, cards from family are boring, but cards from online people are cool. XD

Kids are getting spoiled more than they deserve, at least based on their last actions. I won't go into what, since there's an off chance  my older one will find this before the craziness (3 families in 1 day!) that is this weekend, but suffice it to say I will have a looooot of leverage over them.

New Scarf!

Dec. 1st, 2011 09:52 pm
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Just uploaded the pics over on my Ravelry page! ^_^ Go look! <3

This may be the girliest thing I own. XD
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So. Lucy (the red hen) is going into molt and decided she doesn't have the energy to lay for a while. That's ok, because Jenny (the white ... ish one) has gotten over her brood from when she laid the 16 and is starting to lay again. The cute part, however, is that Lucy has decided that her "comfort zone" is the rail on our kitchen porch and the bush right behind it. So when we open the coop every morning, she runs up and parks herself by our main door and hangs out until bedtime. Sometimes one or more of the others will keep her company, but she's there all day.

The hinge on my DS is cracked, so I need to replace the shell. Again. The hardest part of DIY repairs is (I've found) realizing you have more to select from than the retail options, and now you have to decide. I've done my son's in green camo, used a translucent green, and had a black & red with a Chinese dragon. Right now I'm leaning to the classic black/blue combo, or going for a 3rd party iridescent green.

Well, being part of the school system, I'm off until Monday. My husband was going to be off for Thanksgiving dinner - he works 3rd, so it would be his "Friday" shift - but they offered him 2.5X base pay, so he's jumping on it. The little one was distraught Daddy would "miss the party!" until we pointed out this meant more money for Christmas. Then he was cool with it.

We found ourselves with a surplus of turkeys this year, both fresh & frozen, so 2 of them have gone on to Soldier On, the local veteran's facility. 1 was donated today, so it won't be thawed in time for tomorrow, but it can still sit in the deep freeze until it's convenient for them.

Thinking of knitting socks for my father for Xmas. The question is, will he actually wear them, or will they get tucked away safely? XP Basically I'm going to knit them anyway, should I knit them in his size? LOL

I think ... takeout tonight. Anything I cook will create leftovers, and we have no space for that. XD
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Seen on the way to work today:

"Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed frequently and for the same reason."

Random life crap )
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Saw Dark of the Moon yesterday. I still love the little theater downtown. Due to going shortly after the parade, the theater was almost empty. We took both our boys, and were able to keep them guessing right up until the tickets were ripped, b/c they had to hit the restrooms while we were buying the tickets. ^_~

Little one slept through part of it, somewhere after the halfway point, so yeah, shit was blowing up and he didn't care. ^_^

Commentary a day after the fact and in no particular order. Also, I missed bits due to potty breaks, but I was assured they were not plot relevant. You have been warned

Srsly, if you're on my f-list, you probably beat me to the theater and this isn't spoiling you. I suck. XD )

OK, somewhat spoilery stuff done!

More random crap. )

OK. That's a quick recap. Where's my beer?
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Do not do a 5-hour Energy Shot shortly before knitting anything fitted. Gauge gets thrown to hell. In stuff like shawls, it's not a big deal, but I'm really glad I didn't decide to knit the socks. XP
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I have realized ... I am missing several needle tips and have no clue where they are. )

In other news, my youngest one had his "not-graduation" family picnic today. My grandmother and I went, and I brought a "skein" to untangle while listening to the kids sing before we ate. However, they only did a few songs before we went out to eat. Oh well!
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Shady Sadie the Striped Bark Scorpion

Is it bad that I want to make him in black & gunmetal grey? LOL

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... and 97% not being distracted by the internet. )

I am such an addict.

ETA: It shipped! it's left Ohio and is on its way, so about a week, by the time Fedex hands it off to the USPS. Now to obsessively stalk the tracking # page. Our mail lady can always tell when I have a yarn order, because I meet her at the box LOL.

Oh, and I was right about the Chroma colorways, but I forgot I ordered some Lollipop as well.
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Ennui (noun): a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction : boredom. Specifically: "the kind of ennui that comes from having too much time on one's hands and too little will to find something productive to do" (Thank you, Merriam-Webster)

Random "I'm not dead!" post ) :cough: Anyway. ^_^


Dec. 8th, 2010 03:09 pm
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Need more wool socks. And better insulated boots. And more time to knit the socks.

But most definitely more wool socks. ^_^
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I gave blood for the first time in my life yesterday. I went grocery shopping, and the hospital's Bloodmobile was parked a row over from my usual spot. (Yes, that is it's name, and it had a sign for "Dracula's Pub" right inside the door.) I didn't have any frozen foods, so I stuck my head in and asked how long it'd take. And 45 minutes later I walked out minus 1 unit of blood. And given how much I loathe needles, I am so proud of myself! ^_^

Also snagged 6 more chickens from my father's trailer a few days ago. We're up to 20, and still working out which of the babies are roosters. Now I have 4 more Silkies, this time black, a little silver spangled hen, and this adorable tiny little silver rooster. No clue what breed(s) those last two are, but I suspect something like Old English Game for the rooster. He's especially adorable, because he's obviously an adult, but he's tinytiny, and sounds like a 6 year old girl crowing. I've been keeping them in a good-sized rabbit cage snugged up to the "coop", so they can get used to each other without being able to kill each other.

Also in chicken news, I finally got the old green house cleaned out and (mostly) wrapped in chicken wire. All I have left to do is figure out what/how to cover the door, and put some boxes in for them to nest & roost. And yes, I do need at least 1 nesting box, because the little red hen is laying. Most be enough light off the porch to make her think it's time to lay.

I will take pictures of everyone in their new home. ^_^

I started on my mother's Christmas present yesterday: the Vining Vest in Mochi Plus Fern rainbow. The best type of gift knitting is when the giftee is watching you knit and admiring it, and has no clue it's for them. And the yarn I needed to finish my husband's socks came Wednesday, so off my butt time! (Seriously, I ran out on the 2ns sock just above the ankle, and I'm going toe-up. So, 1 knee high, 1 anklet. Uh-uh.)
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[ profile] antepathy pointed out the Interweave Knits Weekend issue. And my husband has big feet. This cost me almost $100 today. Watch my willpower crumble as you follow me on my errands.

First, I stopped by Twin Hearts to see if they had the yarn I'm using for my husband's socks, because he has ginormous feet, and there's no way I'm going to get a pair of knee highs out of 400 yards. Sadly, they do not (to WEBs!) and I sent him a text pointing this fact out. Also that they had a yarn I adore on clearance.

My darling, loving, enabling husband tells me to go buy yarn, since if I don't I will kick myself later. I attempt to go to the grocery store and debate. After all, I have to buy milk & ice cream, so it's not like I can spend too much time drooling over yarn later, right? Alas, I talked him into getting the Droid X when he upgraded his phone, so I have his implicit permission to splurge on yarn. And a saved text saying that he feels he needs to drive me to the yarn store so he doesn't feel as guilty buying a new toy. Close enough. ^_^

Fast forward 30 minutes. I am kneeling in front of the clearance box of two of my favorite yarns (Mini Mochi & Mochi Plus), debating. I grab enough of the Mini in several colorways (Intense Rainbow, Neptune, and Baby Face) to make several pairs of socks for myself. And look at the Plus. And decide to see how enabling my husband is.

Sure enough, even through the griping and complaining, he eventually finds and sends me the yarn requirements for the Vining Vest, and I grab enough Plus in Fern Rainbow to make it for my mother for Xmas. (Shhhh! She doesn't know).

Sadly, Twin Hearts didn't have the pattern issue, so my wonderful, loving, (and did I mention enabling?) husband agrees to make a side quest to Barnes & Noble to find it. So, damn you, antepathy, if I hadn't read your post before I went out, I could have contented* myself with a little bit of sock yarn. ^_^

(*Yeah, right! I'd have grabbed it anyway. You just gave me something to do with it besides pet like a set of green tribbles. ^_^)


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