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OK, I've never seen Fight Club. I just like the clip. ^_^

Rambling introduction is rambling.

Me )

My writing )

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 Just got our annual escrow statement for the mortgage. It turns out that because the city taxes are going down for the next year, our payment is going down by $100 a month for the next year! Even better, when I first glanced at the stub at the bottom, I though that's how much they were asking us for, to cover the upcoming shortfall. Then I read the statement and realized it was a check!    

What a wonderful surprise right before our vacation! 

(:waits for something to blow up/fall down/Murphy: XD )

Also, Holy $%^&, 3 posts in 1 day? O_o
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Cut because boring. Blah. )

TL/dr: life's a bitch and so am I. :P

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So my youngest was identified as "Autistic, Non-Specified" some time ago. Basically, it boils down to: "He seems to be wired differently, but damn-all if we can pigeon hole him." While I don't like slapping labels on kids just because they're a bit different, on the upshot, the label at least means the teachers & staff take a slightly better hold of their tempers when he goes squirrelly on them. He's also getting a bit better about a lot of crap - mostly social - that he had a hard time with last year.

One thing we still have a hard time with is him doing his writing homework. I mentioned in the meeting today that he, his brother, and I all have stretches where any attempt to physically create words is like hitting a wall. I can bounce ideas off them, pull out the word and stitch them togetehr, so they can write down the finished product, but getting them to do it themselves, even if they can tell me verbally what they want to say, just doesn't work.

The advisor there mentioned "dysgraphia"* and I have to wonder if there might be touches of that in here. Not in the "can't write legible words" flavor, but just the "it's not just writer's block, because I have the entire thing word-for-word in my head" flavor. The one I mentioned yesterday where I can't make the words translate from my brain to my hand.

Of course, because my bull-all stubborness, this means that I've now got a fire lit under me to write every day, even if it never again sees the light of day. Damned if I know what I'm going to do for the kids.

On an unrelated note, I want Shakespeare on my Kindle. Anyone know any good, free copies?
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Oh hey. The world's still here. Um.... Huh. Now what's this thing for again? Oh, right! Talking to people in >140 characters at a time! XD

Seriously, I never can think of what to say for posts any more, and micro-posts seem better suited to Twitter. (And I delete half of those before sending anyway.) I'm either at peace with the world, or just apathetic with no drive and/or ambition. :P Wonder if this lack of drive is cyclical.

But, a bit of news: Oldest is on stage crew for the drama club. First play is this/next weekend. Downside? He just started swim practice (as in he left ~15 minutes ago), and a couple of the practices conflict with the showings. However, the captain of the girls' swim team says it's ok to skip the 2 practices in order to work the play (she's acting, I think).

Youngest is having behavior issues at the moment. He's also falling asleep easily and running a slight temp, so I suspect the two are connected (no really?).

Trying to finish a pair of mittens, keep getting interrupted. At this rate, they'll be done by June. :P Waiting on the bead order to finish my shawl. I have to go shopping on Wednesday for household stuff, so I may swing in to see if I missed the message.

Finally got my husband to help me rearrange the furniture in our "room" (actually a curtained off area of the basement), so it now actually looks like a bedroom, and not like we shoved random furniture in where we could fit. Which is kinda what we did. :P Now I just have to maintain it.

Also! Want to do cards again this year, so come poke me with your address here: Dreamwidth or Livejournal (comments screened, of course) so I can send them out! <3 I hope to get them out by Dec 15th, but that's soooo not a hard deadline. :3

Oh, and because it's apparently a thing I'm late to (big shock), here's my wishlist. Yes, I am strange.

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Went to the Western MA PPD yesterday, partly to see my friend (who was helping another of her friends run a booth), and partially because I just haven't been able to go in a while.

Mostly, we just let the little guy wander until he reached his "crowd limit" and he wanted to go home. Picked up a hairstick from Willow to use as a shawl pin. It has Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark! <3 She had the whole set of the Mane Six (minus Pinkie, who got sold), as well as a Luna/Celestia one. Sadly, I didn't have the $30 by that point to get them all, so I went with Twilight's, since about half my shawls have pink and/or purple in them. I'll ask her for the rest later. ^_^ (I had spent my pittance picking up a book I'd been meaning to get for a while. Even got the author to sign it! Yay!)

Fairey Crown Cottage had some lovely stuff, but sadly, it was way out of my price range at the time. My favorite shop of the day, though,  (after my friend's of course ^_~) was Ironwood Artisans. They had carved wood board games, medieval & self winding tops, these adorable Floppy Feet Dragons, and actual made-from-real-horn drinking horns! Those really caught my husband's eye ("How do you clean them? Does the wax affect the flavor? How often do you need to reline them?"), so I made sure to snag their card. I'm thinking I just got his and my sons' shopping done! (They both wanted the self winding tops.)

There were other cool booths (I really liked the chainmail chicks, but can't find the card at the moment), and some nice workshops, but we didn't get to stay too long. However, despite the clouds and the weather forecast of 5 days of showers, it stayed relatively dry, so everyone was happy.

Oh, and I got my Mystery Shawl blocked out! I'm also not as far behind on the Fall Mystery Shawl as I feared. I'm not caught up, but I'm only 2 clues behind. My best so far! LOL

Now I get to go with my Mom & Grandma to a cousin's "divorce party". Yippee. :P

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OK, sometimes trying to clean this house really sucks, but on occasion I find some really interesting stuff. The Funk & Wagnell's 1931 Encyclopedia set was a mix of "Why the hell?" and "Cool! These books are almost 100 years old!" I've also located old French primers from my father & uncle.

Today I found a hymnal(?) that was dual language German (I think) and English. That one gets to stay on the shelf due to cool factor. And the "maybe I'll puzzle through it". XD


Sep. 1st, 2012 07:27 pm
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So after the last "camping trip", I told my husband I wasn't doing it again without electricity & running water. (Hey, I have to deal with enough crap here. "Roughing it"is not my idea of fun at the moment. :P )

Bastard. :) (He also has most of the photos on his phone, and I haven't had a chance yet to steal it & upload them.)

It was supposed to be a Friday-Sunday thing, last weekend, but with all the garbage going on during the week, including up to Friday morning, we didn't get down there until almost 7 PM, with barely enough time to set up. (A ~2.5 hour drive, keep in mind). So, Friday was shot. Buy a local pizza for dinner, inflate the beds, go to sleep.

Saturday was spent mostly at Mystic Aquarium, where the kids had a blast petting various sharks & rays, watching the penguins & whales watch them, and generally dragging us all over the place. :D We actually almost didn't get the little guy out of the Titanic exhibit, b/c they had small replicas of the Alvin submersible and a bit of the Titanic "engine" room (really just a pit with speaking tubes to the upper level, and buttons, lights, and horns), both designed to be climbed in. The ginormous cage of parakeets that you could enter & feed them was fun, but the little things were so small & zippy that my little guy was very freaked out and only happy if I was holding/feeding them. Poor dear. Oh, and he talked me into getting him a penguin plush as a souvenir. "Cutie-Pie" now goes every where with him, including the grocery store. And since s/he's a baby penguin, Humphrey the Ladybug & Pidove have taken over "mothering" her so she feels safe. <3

After the Aquarium, it was time to scour The Book Barn, which was how he talked me in to all this. ;-) Found all 5 discs of Rah-Xephon, the first 3 Nightrunner books (even if the 2n one has vanished), and a bunch of books I'd read, and was keeping an eye out for, including Knitting Goddess & The Mary Frances Knitting & Crocheting Book. Oldest grabbed Naruto & ... other stuff. I forget. XD Husband found a book on the NY Giants (and football season is starting. Joy. :P ) and fantasy-type room makeovers. The little guy got basically random stuff that looked interesting, including a kids book of haiku. Sadly, the one book I was really hoping to find, was not there (Dance With Dragons). I'd also hoped to grab more David Weber or Marc Del Franco, but only snagged On Basilisk Station (Weber). The only thing that kept me from grabbing about 3X what I did was the knowledge that my mother's Jeep had been packed to the gills on the way down. (As it was, we barely got everyone and everything back in.)

Sunday we broke down everything early, packed the Jeep, brought our extra firewood to one of the neighbors - apparently about 1/2 the lots are leased long term for RVs - and then grabbed a beach parking pass from the front office, so we could spend the day at the beach. Plan was to stay until we pruned, then return the pass & head home. Unfortunately, there was a floating dive platform anchored out, and my youngest wanted to go to it. He can't swim that well, at least in an active ocean, and we didn't have his vest, so that was a no-go, and he had a fit. We walked up the hill to the park until he ran it off, and then packed up the chairs.

All in all, a fun trip, but no, it wasn't worth the effort of camping. If I'm going sightseeing, why must I bring my bed & my room as well as my luggage? Camping, to me, is heading out into the woods for a week, hiking, swimming, campfires, etc. And right now, that is not a relaxing idea, because of the logistics of setting up for that week of playing.

Of course, watching my husband mutter "what the hell?" and "why did we ..." as we ran into the snags I expected was worth it, because he promised me that next time it was a weekend trip, it would either be an RV/trailer, or we would get a motel for the night(s).

That said, I wouldn't mind doing it again. Just, not in a tent. ;D

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(If you follow me on Twitter, you've been watching me kvetch about this all week. Lucky you.)

We have spent the past week trying to beat the septic system into submission. A 50' powered snake was rented, and falsely let us believe the problem was solved. However, it doesn't quite reach from the house to the tank. Friday, the 75' powered snake was borrowed from the meat processing plant. That one reaches all the way. We know this because at 10 last night my father was peering down the access pipe for pumping the tank while I fed the snake (and a running garden hose) in from the house. The 200' of leech field pipe has been completely cleared. There were no less than 3 clogs at various points, which is why it kept backing up and flowing out the top into the sheep pen.

The pipe from the house to the tank has 2 small ... somethings ... stuck to the bottom, and since the pipe is almost level, that means the water backwashes until the level is high enough to flow over them.What's left on this end slowly sinks into the dirt.

Oh, and half the part where the cap screws in is broken off, so the cap can not be replaced. >_<

So at 6:30 this morning, I ran to Home Depot for a smaller cleanout plug & pipe adapter that I could shove into ours (which, by the way is the lovely odd size of 3.5", while every large pipe you can buy at HD now is now an even 3" or 4"). DX Right now I have marine epoxy setting in the gaps, and I'm drinking my coffee, waiting before I try draining the washing machine and seeing if the basement and/or shower floods again. I have to leave for work in an hour.

At least the shower drains. Enough. :sigh:

EDIT: Holy crap I think it worked! :crosses fingers & happy dances at the same time:

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OK, those of you have who haven been following a while may remember the state of ownership of the farm for the past 10 years. Here's a quick recap, just in case:
Long story. )

Yes, that was the quick & dirty version. There's a lot I didn't get in to.

So while she was dragging her heels, her boys grew up, property values dropped, and the estate expenses (which would need to be repaid out of any sale before dividing the proceeds) my father and grandmother paid snowballed.

Long story short. :P )

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Came home from work yesterday to find that Dad had found 1 of my big, fat, white hens dead in the lower driveway. And last night, 2 of my roosters, one of the little red Hamburgs and big Red, were missing. Red is always with his girls. I wandered around until my fingers froze looking for them, and they weren't waiting for me to let their girls out this morning, so I'm forced to assume they're dead too. Either something like a hawk or feral cat (unlikely, since there would be a bigger mess of feathers and either a gutted or no body) or someone's Fido went for walkies.

Honestly, I kinda hope that it was wild animals, because if it was someone letting their dog run wild, I will use the 3 Ss, and can get aggravating. Of course, now that means I have to hurry up and build the "foul weather" run this weekend and make sure it's got enough space to restrict them to it permanently. Yippee.
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OK, I'm sure I have forgotten tons of stuff by now.

Socks were stalled by the (temporary) loss of the pattern. XP On the other hand, I have revamped the ones I want to do for my Dad and am much happier with them. Scarves are almost done. ^_^

Little guy got a phone call direct from Santa on Weds, and went nuts the rest of the night. ^_~ Then he got a letter from Santa on Saturday. XD

Cards are in the mail (only 1 mailing day late!), as in the mail truck just left with them. The crafty little thing I wanted to do got set aside by me coming to my senses, so I asked the chickens for ideas instead. I can always tell when I'm coming down with a head cold because suddenly, taking on lots of projects when I have a deadline seems like a Really Good Idea! Why I can't be ambitious when it comes to actually getting real shit done around the house, I'll never know.

I have gotten several cards from my lovely f-list, thank you so much! Ratchet's from [ profile] mininise28 has been stolen, and the crane that come in [ profile] antepathy's card (my favorite color: glitter!) is now nesting in my scrunchie on the Christmas tree. I still have [ profile] dragondancer515's, but that's only because my kids haven't gotten to it yet. Apparently, cards from family are boring, but cards from online people are cool. XD

Kids are getting spoiled more than they deserve, at least based on their last actions. I won't go into what, since there's an off chance  my older one will find this before the craziness (3 families in 1 day!) that is this weekend, but suffice it to say I will have a looooot of leverage over them.

Head cold

Dec. 14th, 2011 08:11 am
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Damn, but I hate being sick. It's not even the yucky, lay-you-up-in-bed flu stuff, but just a cold that has stuffed my head full of cotton. Can't keep a thought in it, and trying to knit anything more complicated than garter stitch (like, say, socks, which actually have to fit) is a nightmare. I think I got 2 rounds done yesterday. (OK, so maybe I made my family Sims 3 and got sidetracked.) Fortunately, I'm not hacking or sneezing or sniffling, so I just wash my hands a lot and go through gloves like crazy at work.

On the upshot, my husband got most of the presents wrapped, and I scored some really sparkly cards while shopping this weekend. (I'm a glitter whore. Shut up.) So, if you want a shiny card, drop me your addy over here (comments screened, of course). I plan to mail them this weekend. (We mailed the letter to Santa yesterday at the post office, which is good because Santa is supposed to call tonight or tomorrow.)
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OK, this has stopped annoying me to the point that I start ranting, so now y'all can laugh at this.

Crack a cold one. You'll be a while. )
Oh, and the auto teacher said the gas thing was the seal on the filler neck was wonky, so they reseated it, and we'll see. They're going to check the heat thing later today. Need to make more cookies for those guys.

ETA: Dad brought home chickens on Thursday, and said I could take 1 hen for every rooster I was willing to give up, so we have 2 new hens and 1 Polish rooster (he was a 2:1 swap). (There was a white Silkie that looked just like the one that got killed, but a raccoon found a hole in their pen that I missed, so we lost him and 2 of the hens. Oh well. Made the choice of which rooster to beg for easier. XP)

Tree's up!

Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:52 pm
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I think I mentioned earlier (somewhere) that we started a new tree decorating tradition a few years ago. We put up the tree (rescued from the bin @ Mom's work) & the lights, grab a beer or wine, and let the little guy go to town. It all started back when he was really little and we picked up a lot of necklaces from The Big E's Mardi Gras Parade. He literally threw them at the tree that year. My mother and I looked at each other, said, "Works for me!" and put the ornaments away.

Enjoy the show. ^_^

Believe it or not, the lights were on the whole time. The tree kept blinking! LOL )

ETA: Yes, those are my scrunchies in pic #5. Someone @ work asked me that. XD


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