Sep. 1st, 2012 07:27 pm
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So after the last "camping trip", I told my husband I wasn't doing it again without electricity & running water. (Hey, I have to deal with enough crap here. "Roughing it"is not my idea of fun at the moment. :P )

Bastard. :) (He also has most of the photos on his phone, and I haven't had a chance yet to steal it & upload them.)

It was supposed to be a Friday-Sunday thing, last weekend, but with all the garbage going on during the week, including up to Friday morning, we didn't get down there until almost 7 PM, with barely enough time to set up. (A ~2.5 hour drive, keep in mind). So, Friday was shot. Buy a local pizza for dinner, inflate the beds, go to sleep.

Saturday was spent mostly at Mystic Aquarium, where the kids had a blast petting various sharks & rays, watching the penguins & whales watch them, and generally dragging us all over the place. :D We actually almost didn't get the little guy out of the Titanic exhibit, b/c they had small replicas of the Alvin submersible and a bit of the Titanic "engine" room (really just a pit with speaking tubes to the upper level, and buttons, lights, and horns), both designed to be climbed in. The ginormous cage of parakeets that you could enter & feed them was fun, but the little things were so small & zippy that my little guy was very freaked out and only happy if I was holding/feeding them. Poor dear. Oh, and he talked me into getting him a penguin plush as a souvenir. "Cutie-Pie" now goes every where with him, including the grocery store. And since s/he's a baby penguin, Humphrey the Ladybug & Pidove have taken over "mothering" her so she feels safe. <3

After the Aquarium, it was time to scour The Book Barn, which was how he talked me in to all this. ;-) Found all 5 discs of Rah-Xephon, the first 3 Nightrunner books (even if the 2n one has vanished), and a bunch of books I'd read, and was keeping an eye out for, including Knitting Goddess & The Mary Frances Knitting & Crocheting Book. Oldest grabbed Naruto & ... other stuff. I forget. XD Husband found a book on the NY Giants (and football season is starting. Joy. :P ) and fantasy-type room makeovers. The little guy got basically random stuff that looked interesting, including a kids book of haiku. Sadly, the one book I was really hoping to find, was not there (Dance With Dragons). I'd also hoped to grab more David Weber or Marc Del Franco, but only snagged On Basilisk Station (Weber). The only thing that kept me from grabbing about 3X what I did was the knowledge that my mother's Jeep had been packed to the gills on the way down. (As it was, we barely got everyone and everything back in.)

Sunday we broke down everything early, packed the Jeep, brought our extra firewood to one of the neighbors - apparently about 1/2 the lots are leased long term for RVs - and then grabbed a beach parking pass from the front office, so we could spend the day at the beach. Plan was to stay until we pruned, then return the pass & head home. Unfortunately, there was a floating dive platform anchored out, and my youngest wanted to go to it. He can't swim that well, at least in an active ocean, and we didn't have his vest, so that was a no-go, and he had a fit. We walked up the hill to the park until he ran it off, and then packed up the chairs.

All in all, a fun trip, but no, it wasn't worth the effort of camping. If I'm going sightseeing, why must I bring my bed & my room as well as my luggage? Camping, to me, is heading out into the woods for a week, hiking, swimming, campfires, etc. And right now, that is not a relaxing idea, because of the logistics of setting up for that week of playing.

Of course, watching my husband mutter "what the hell?" and "why did we ..." as we ran into the snags I expected was worth it, because he promised me that next time it was a weekend trip, it would either be an RV/trailer, or we would get a motel for the night(s).

That said, I wouldn't mind doing it again. Just, not in a tent. ;D

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For everything else, there's energon goodies. )

We don't have a video of the final, detailed, transformation. He wanted to get out and get candy ASAP, and had to pee when we got back. So, hopefully in the next week or so.

But! I have pics of him and his brother. Older kid wanted to be Darth Maul this year. (Why this year, I don't know.) His was so much easier: Black pants, black shirt, a modified Snuggie to cover the lack of horns, and some face paint. He already had the dual saber from the 6 Flags trip.

The pumpkin really makes the shot. )

Anyone know how I can rotate the video? )

Darth Derp )

Here's the entire album, if you're curious. ^_^

Hai, guyz!

Oct. 28th, 2011 10:24 pm
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Guess what landed in my living room?

Insert photo shoot )

So. He's happy, but it needs a bit of tweaking. And the other half of the velcro attached to the protoform sweat suit. Yellow duct tape to finish the nose cone, and (obviously) the wings. Just because of the time involved, he won't be transforming at every house, but he can do it, and he's thrilled. He's going to be playing with this until it falls apart.

Also: I have a spider that makes me squeal instead of shriek now! <3
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There is white stuff falling from the sky and sticking.  It's not even Halloween yet! Not fair!

Yes, I'm used to this. I've lived here my whole life. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Speaking of Halloween )

I took the older one for X-rays on his finger yesterday morning. 8:40 AM and the doc says we're her 3rd X-ray of the day already. Ummm, yay? Fortunately, it's just a sprain, but that does mean he has to keep it wrapped and splinted for a few days. I swear, it seemed like it took longer to get it through his head that, "No, you can't play sports with it on." "Yes, you have to keep it on." "No, you can't take it off for gym and then put it back on." "Yes, we really mean that!" than anything else. (Except maybe waiting for the radiologist to look at the X-ray.) You would have thought we kicked his puppy in front of him when he finally got it. Yeesh. XP
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Pic cut )
ETA: Just noticed I posted 3 days in a row! Go me! Now if only I could get my stories done.... DX
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"I put a live toad in your hand and you squeed because you thought it was cool and cute...... You're not girly. Period."

(I had told him I was looking at ball & evening gowns b/c I was having girly whims.)
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Saw Dark of the Moon yesterday. I still love the little theater downtown. Due to going shortly after the parade, the theater was almost empty. We took both our boys, and were able to keep them guessing right up until the tickets were ripped, b/c they had to hit the restrooms while we were buying the tickets. ^_~

Little one slept through part of it, somewhere after the halfway point, so yeah, shit was blowing up and he didn't care. ^_^

Commentary a day after the fact and in no particular order. Also, I missed bits due to potty breaks, but I was assured they were not plot relevant. You have been warned

Srsly, if you're on my f-list, you probably beat me to the theater and this isn't spoiling you. I suck. XD )

OK, somewhat spoilery stuff done!

More random crap. )

OK. That's a quick recap. Where's my beer?
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Both my husband and his brother are Angry Birds addicts. As is my SIL and my niece. My husband and BIL have the same b-day, even though they're 6 years apart, so I may just have to make this for them. 'Cuz we're all dorks like that. Be sure to check out the video at the top of the page!

Bake your own playable Angry Birds cake: masterclass tutorial | Electricpig


Feb. 1st, 2011 04:44 pm
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OK, so my husband got a burr under his saddle about finally getting in shape. I've been quietly after him to do this for years, but I also knew if I pushed him, he'd blow me off and never listen. For whatever reason, he's finally decided, and I'm thrilled.

He borrowed the P90-X program from a coworker that uses it (apparently several of the guys there do) until our taxes come in and we can buy our own. Just finished Day 2 which is a cardio day (with a lot of squats thrown in) and .... *clunk*

I feel great, even as my body is about to mutiny and throw my brain under the bus. But oh, gods, I didn't realize I was so out of shape.
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Look what my husband drew! )

OK, so he banged it out before dinner last night to try to make our little one smile (it didn't work until this morning), and he was using the Allspark Almanac for reference. But! He claims he can't draw bots at all, so here's hope that the power of the 5 year old can compel him. I know if he just practiced, he could come up with some awesome stuff (even if he is colorblind).

Of course, now I have to make a bunch of copies so our son can color himself a whole set of seekers. ^_~
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... garden in the valley ... )
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Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Halloween is a big deal for us. Christmas is fun, fireworks are awesome, but no holiday will ever compare to Halloween. Given the opportunity, we will make our own costumes, usually on a theme. The year our youngest was born, we did Harry Potter (He was the snitch, oldest was HP, husband was Hagrid, and I was Trelawney. Still have to upload those.) Last year Our oldest was a Gonk droid, and the little one was a Toyota Yaris. Gods bless duct tape!

This year broke tradition a little because the youngest really really wanted the Bayverse!Bumblebee he saw at Walmart, and we knew we'd never be able to make him one that we'd be happy with in time for Halloween. The rest of us did zombie/survivor theme, which mostly meant buying liquid latex and raiding the barn clothes, recycle bin, and grabbing paintball markers.

Fake cut is fake. And saves posting lots of photos. )
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[ profile] antepathy pointed out the Interweave Knits Weekend issue. And my husband has big feet. This cost me almost $100 today. Watch my willpower crumble as you follow me on my errands.

First, I stopped by Twin Hearts to see if they had the yarn I'm using for my husband's socks, because he has ginormous feet, and there's no way I'm going to get a pair of knee highs out of 400 yards. Sadly, they do not (to WEBs!) and I sent him a text pointing this fact out. Also that they had a yarn I adore on clearance.

My darling, loving, enabling husband tells me to go buy yarn, since if I don't I will kick myself later. I attempt to go to the grocery store and debate. After all, I have to buy milk & ice cream, so it's not like I can spend too much time drooling over yarn later, right? Alas, I talked him into getting the Droid X when he upgraded his phone, so I have his implicit permission to splurge on yarn. And a saved text saying that he feels he needs to drive me to the yarn store so he doesn't feel as guilty buying a new toy. Close enough. ^_^

Fast forward 30 minutes. I am kneeling in front of the clearance box of two of my favorite yarns (Mini Mochi & Mochi Plus), debating. I grab enough of the Mini in several colorways (Intense Rainbow, Neptune, and Baby Face) to make several pairs of socks for myself. And look at the Plus. And decide to see how enabling my husband is.

Sure enough, even through the griping and complaining, he eventually finds and sends me the yarn requirements for the Vining Vest, and I grab enough Plus in Fern Rainbow to make it for my mother for Xmas. (Shhhh! She doesn't know).

Sadly, Twin Hearts didn't have the pattern issue, so my wonderful, loving, (and did I mention enabling?) husband agrees to make a side quest to Barnes & Noble to find it. So, damn you, antepathy, if I hadn't read your post before I went out, I could have contented* myself with a little bit of sock yarn. ^_^

(*Yeah, right! I'd have grabbed it anyway. You just gave me something to do with it besides pet like a set of green tribbles. ^_^)
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Sunday, he took our oldest out to play paintball, but ended up turning around and coming home. Not because of our son, but the field's release form basically said "We're not at fault if you die, even if we are," and it was packed with teens, and he didn't want to get kicked out for lighting up a bunch of punks for picking on our twelve year old.

ANYWAY! This post is not about that. This is about what he saw on his way up to the field.

Awesome photos behind cut. )

Tell me that wasn't an awesome thing to spot! Now tell me the truth. ^_^


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