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OK, I've never seen Fight Club. I just like the clip. ^_^

Rambling introduction is rambling.

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Thanks to losing my notebooks and my mind time for so long, the bunnies have happily added a few little cracky bunlets to the Pearls-verse:

Movie night between Longshot (Jazz's youngling) and Galloway. (Blame my husband for this one)

Skywarp crashes an airshow (not literally) for Teh Lulz.

Barricade and Kate talk about sex; specifically whether Kate's getting any. Barricade really wishes he hadn't started the conversation and would like brain bleach now plzkthnxbye. ^_^;
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OK, so G4 has been playing Chronicles of Riddick a lot lately (Movies That Don't Suck, FTW!). And 2 nights ago, played it again as I was getting ready for bed. Yesterday I was playing with Pearls!bunny, and 2 Riddick!bunnies snuck up on me. :whimper: Fortunately, neither is too epic-rabid, but dammit! I'm trying to flesh out a TF epic, I don't need to be jumped by Riddick oneshots! (jumped by Riddick, OTOH, could be interesting, depending on circumstances.....)
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Title: Darkness (so original, huh?)
Warnings: Claustro trigger, maybe? OCs
Rating: K+
Continuity: Pearls (Bayverse AU)
Characters: a certain "deceased" mech ^_~, OC Kate, random* OC, OC mech
Disclaimer: Not mine. This will probably turn into a bad James Bond type thing for a while. I hope to make it worth reading anyway.
Prompt: Prompt #1: "Master Prompt List" -> 13 Nov 2010 "Darkness"

Time: about 15-30 minutes, not counting spellcheck and rereading for unintentional bad grammar. Yes, I know a bit of it will be hard to read.

Yay for finally getting the bunny to go linear! Don't worry if this makes no sense yet. It will.

*Seriously, he had no name until it was time to type it. Don't know if we'll ever see him again.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. )


Teaser beginning that the bunny finally gave me. Apparently it likes the speedwriting prompts. :shrug: I try to avoid glancing at them, unless I think I will be able to sneak a bit of time to write. Maybe I should just let it chew on them anyway. Oh well. ^_^

Not a lot explained here. Just an intro. Hopefully I will get to write soon and not have to wait forever for the next bite. Where are my Have-A-Heart traps? ^_~
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EDIT: Just realized I forgot header-ish stuff for these, but it's after 10 PM and I already took my contacts out, so fix in the morning. XP

Short version: Bayverse AU, OC warning, TFs not mine, PG-ish rating. End EDIT.

Pearls bunny has been suspiciously cooperative with some of these speedwriting prompts. Granted, I'm getting more character development than plot, but it's something. Maybe we'll finally get this show on the road. :cough:

Anyway! Two bites for prompt #1: a room with an empty seat which should be occupied, both about 30 mins with pen and paper, 1 kinda angsty, the other cute until the last line.

Title: (none yet)
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Continuity: Bayverse AU
Characters: Sideswipe
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously. Read comments for quick & dirty rundown of AU
Prompt: 'A room with an empty seat which should be occupied'
No. 1 )



Title: (none yet)
Warnings: OCs
Rating: PG (mentions rude stuff ^_^)
Bayverse AU
Characters: Ironhide, Will Lennox, mentions of Barricade, OC Kate, OC younglings
Not mine, obviously. Read comments for quick & dirty rundown of AU
Prompt: 'A room with an empty seat which should be occupied'


No. 2 )
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This one bit when I glanced at the prompts for last Wednesday in [ profile] tf_speedwriting Pearls!bunny hopped up and begged me to write this, but I locked it away, covered my ears, and went "La la la la!" until I was done fighting with the spook_me entry. (Didn't win the fight, but ... I'd call it a draw.)

Sat down with pen and pad yesterday to finally write it. Got about 10 minutes in when my father called. "Hey, find me that bottle of 'mycin I had and bring it down the barn." Oh goody. "Oh, hey, while you're down here, help me dose this pig."

Get back up to the house, find my pen, "Hey, I'm almost done down the barn. Go hook the truck up to the trailer for me." Dammit, you're borrowing George's truck. I hate driving George's truck. Makes your 3500 look small and I can't see the trailer hitch to line up right. Half an hour later, it's "Hey, before you go back in the house, help me unload these chickens and swap pigs around. Oh, and come down the barn with me to work gates for me."

I love my father, my whole family, and the farm. Really, I do. But damn if it seems like every time I sit down to write, something comes up to demand my attention!

ANYWAY! Better late than never. I figure, I probably spent about an hour and a half actually writing/plotting, even if it took over 24 hours to actually get it written. I, apparently, am not allowed to write short even when I have the pen in my hand and the bunny hopping up and down madly with a complete scene.

This is my brain on me. Also, chickens. Because everything's better with chickens. )


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I know, old lame joke. There is a reason. In honor of Halloween.

I have decided, in my own personal headspace, to let Barricade brain-break most of NEST. I figure, the vast majority of the active guys are around my age (late 20s-mid30s), so they grew up on Star Wars. Barricade's favorite SW character(s) are the Ewoks. For a typically (for me) twisted reason.

Think very carefully about that. Most people have either gone as an Ewok for Halloween, or know someone who has. My grandmother made me a kick-ass Wickett costume when I was younger, that I think survived the fire and is floating around somewhere.

Cute, adorable, timeless, right?

Now, think about what the Ewoks did when they found Han & Luke. Also, at the end of the movie, one was quite happily banging away on some various trooper helms. And they did kill quite a few in the woods.

Now, let that stew in your mind for a few minutes, and then riddle me this:

Raise your hand. How many of us dressed as a cannibal teddy bear for Halloween?

:raises hand:

Enjoy this darkening of your childhood memories. This is why I should not break my fast with highly sugared coffee. ^_^
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OK, I am definitely liking LJ for helping me keep my scattered thoughts in order. And bunny grooming. Heehee. ^_^ Now, this isn't something I plan to have as a great reveal, so this shouldn't be spoilerific. Of course, given that the bunny is currently sleeping, I may forget about this by the time it comes to write. (Gods bless tags!)

Obligatory "spoiler" cut, even though there's no story to spoil yet. )

:hum contently and pats bunny:


Aug. 30th, 2010 02:50 pm
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I don't want to give these up, yet, so what better place to house them than my journal?

Today's special:

TFs dealing with humans watching/quoting Mel Brooks.

Sam: "Hey, Will! How're my seams?"
Lennox: "Perfect."
Sam: "Every time." *cue song and much laughter from surrounding humans*

Edit: I should have stayed away from the bunny farm, because they've started breeding. Now I must work the following into the Pearls AU somehow:

"Was ... Barricade ... humming the Moulin Rouge song?"
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Actually, this would be more the "Wing & A Prayer" section of the saga (Now what to call the 3rd?) I need to spark off at least 1 more 'bot. And primary* designations for half of the sparklings. **As well as a rough idea of who they'll grow up to be.** At least Kat/Kate/Caitlin has given me an idea of her name, although she's refusing to say what it actually is, and only Jazz and Barricade get away with calling her "Kitten". Starscream uses it too, but he's a lot bigger than the other 2 got command presence (in addition to having flight and long ranged weapons) and Skywarp only tried it once and learned never to do so again, 'cuz Screamer's just good like that and Warp doesn't know when to shut up.

Randomness is random )

Still daydreaming human!Jettwin threesome smut (yay OC me! w00t!), except now it's got enough plot that they get their bodies back and go home before anyone realizes her BC failed (even abstinence was only 99.999% effective) and she's knocked up. With twins. Of course! Stress relief: bang head here Go away, boys!  At least for now. I can't juggle crackfics and outline a major saga at the same time!

**ETA1: 10/1/10


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