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Say it with me, boys and girls:

My Kindle cover has pirate skulls on it. ^_^

I needed a cover for my Kindle Fire. The problem was, every one I saw was ugly, expensive, or both. Bleh!

I looked around for DIY covers, but all the hardback ones I found required sacrificing an innocent book in order to use its broken husk as a base. :(

Then I remembered, waaaaay back when I was a little geek (not the big geek I am now), doing a particular project in 4-H. We covered a plain looking photo album with fabric & padding, to make it look pretty. In fact, I think I can still locate it, if it survived the basement.

Anyway! I realized I have cardboard, duct tape, fabric, glue, and the know-how! I don't need no one else's stinkin' plans! :D

So, without further gilding the lily, here's my Pirate Skull Kindle Cover, start to finish:

Image heavy :) )

The outside fabric was left over from making a bandana for my husband, since a) he needed them for work and didn't like any of the ones for sale, and b) he had a hard time finding ones that fit. The inside fabric was left over from a corset-like top I made for myself. (Between the measuring and the sewing, I apparently lost enough weight that it's not snug anymore. :P)

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OK, weird fact about me: I am more ambitious when sick than I am when healthy. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's because I focus better on the stuff that's right in front of me and don't get distracted as easily. (Of course, I can get pretty damned focused any way, so maybe not.) Maybe it's just because I have no energy left to give a damn (my Give-A-Damn's busted? XP), and just do it.

Whatever the reason, I am finally at the bottom of my mending pile. I have a comforter that is older than I am to recover. (1 side is ok, but the other had a ginormous rip in it), and my son's patchwork blankie needs new patches.  (Of course, being told I could chuck 8-10 pairs of Dockers b/c they don't fit anymore, and he couldn't wear them to work it they did helped! LOL)

Blankie will be the time consuming one, since it requires picking the seams on the last "blankie bandages" I put on and resewing them properly, then adding new patches, a new back, and a binding. So I decided to do the comforter.

Tacked down all the ripped bits, start pinning the new fabric on, so I can see which layout I like better before I cut.

I'm half a yard short. Half a yard. 18 fragging inches!!! D: I don't even know if the store still has that fabric, but I will be checking later today. If not, I have to decide on a new one. :whimper:

Edit, oh, and thanks to "someone" posting this link, my Johari window. XD


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