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Look what I found this morning!

More baby sheep! )

A few hours old, at most! The black one has a little white spot on her forehead, but the white one doesn't seem to have any black spots. Both girls, so no calling them Jazz & Prowl (at least, without getting smacked upside the head by my husband LOL). Oldest son wants to call them Ebony & Ivory.

Also Quilt's (mama sheep in above pic) daughter Patches also had twins today (also both girls, I think), but she had them at sundown, so no good pics of them yet. XP

(In writing news, I have permission to post Rock Climbing, but can't find my %^*%$%^ notebook to transcribe. Also means I can't write any more, b/c I refuse to have 18 different notebooks going. I think the bunnies are fighting over who gets to be next. Brats.)

ETA: Correction - Patches had a single lamb and needed help pushing/pulling it out. She's also a first time mom, so we got to spend 45 minutes this morning playing "Round & Round the Boxstall" and "Where's the Teat?" Fortunately, her baby's a bit smarter than she is, and knew what to do once we shoved her underneath. And Patches has apparently decided that letting this strange, smelly little creature suck on her is a Very Good Thing. (Any woman who has breastfed and had to delay a nursing or pumping Knows What I Mean. For everyone else, think of how relieved you feel when you drain the tank after holding it in for too long. ^_^ )


Feb. 27th, 2011 08:09 pm
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First off, thanks everyone for the kind wishes when I first posted about the little ram. Sorry I didn't reply sooner; it's just been a little crazy this weekend.

So, here're the little sister pics that I promised!

First, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a 2 day old lamb to hold still for a photo shoot?

Meet "Rhubarb" aka "Ruby". )

More proof spring is creeping closer:

Bonus new baby calf! )

She hasn't even managed standing up at the point this picture was taken. Still sopping wet, and she was trying. She did manage it by the time chores were done, and we shooed the two of them into the barn at sundown, so they could avoid the icy rain that's coming tomorrow.


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