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 OK, this bit me a day before I saw the [ profile] spook_me  challenge go out. So I thought, "Hey! Awesome! I've got a lot of "haunted car" ideas floating around my head!" And I happily signed up. Even found a lovely pic that I wanted to try and recolor to post at the bottom.

Aaaaaand then Sunstreaker flipped me off with both hands and told me to rotate. After much teeth and hair pulling, I managed to get 3 scenes written that don't look like they were done by my 5 and 12 year old. Together. While arguing.

So, it sucks. Hard. But, I signed up, and it'd be more embarrassing to wuss out and not post at all than it is to post late crap. Enjoy my faily story. Hey, at least I got it up in time for Halloween itself, right?

And the car in question is this one, but I haven't figured out how to recolor it in yellows and oranges.

Crap fic is crap. )


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OK, so I'm supposed to be cleaning up my [ profile] spook_me entry for posting. You know, that thing that was due a few days ago, that I haven't finished transcribing yet?

I glanced at the speedwriting prompts in my Flist this morning, and yesterday's prompt #6 jumped out at me. Of course, that was because Pearls!bunny started crying, "No, no! It's tinsel strength!" Go away, honey! If you won't hold still long enough when I have my notebook to give me scenes, then you can wait until I finish other stuff to start giving me outtakes.


Oct. 26th, 2010 10:09 am
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Spook_me! is due today! I supposed I'd better make time to type it up. It's a bit hard to post a paper notebook to the interwebs otherwise.  Look for cheesy attempt to mangle a country song, Transformers, and a ghost story together.


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