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Ever have one of those days where you can see the scene perfectly in your head? There's no fuzzy "Should he do this? Should she do that?" waffling over plot or anything? You can hear the dialogue, and the description is just there?

But the moment you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard it just evaporates? And you try to write it anyway, but it's crap, so you delete it or throw it out (or maybe even kill it with fire)?

Yeah, I've been having months like that. Just glad we have lots of cheap notebooks.

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I have ranted on occasion (mostly on Twitter) about the fact that the water tank for our oil boiler died back in October. This furnace supplied our heat (steam radiators) and hot water (internal tankless).

We live in New England.

Yeah, it's a good thing we weren't living in the house full time. Husband peels it apart, hoping the leak is in a spot he can reach/weld. No dice. Oil company wants ~$5-6K to replace entire boiler. Natural gas company wants same to convert (which would be a savings in the long run, but still). Oh, and they couldn't even think about installing until April, because of the whole "digging in frozen ground" thing.

I'd love to go with solar panels on the roof (we do face the right direction), and electric baseboards, but that's $$$ too. Husband's been working as much OT and 2x time as he can, but there's always one thing or another sucking away at it.

I thought Fortune smiled on us a few months ago when I chatted up a friend of a neighbor, who said he was doing a conversion from oil to gas, and would sell us his old furnace for $300. After all, it doesn't matter if the burner's shot; we just need the tank.

Sadly, we haven't been able to arrange things to get it over to our house, until today. Or so I thought. He was supposed to pull it out this morning, and be at my place around 2 PM. Around 7 PM, I told him that I had to leave to get my husband off to work. If he could get it on the truck, maybe we could unload it tomorrow morning, but I had to go to my niece's birthday party @ 2, so if not, he was out of luck.

On the upshot, I got my porch cleaned up, a dent made in the stuff stored in the basement (keep/donate/trash sorting), progress on my Mystery Shawl, and started a Kelp Forest Shawlette for when I finish the BSJ at work.

Oh well. If this flakes out again, my mother is switching her rental to natural gas. She's going to ask her guy if he'll bring the old furncae to our place, and just give it to us if he will. Downside is I'd have to wait another month.

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OK, weird fact about me: I am more ambitious when sick than I am when healthy. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's because I focus better on the stuff that's right in front of me and don't get distracted as easily. (Of course, I can get pretty damned focused any way, so maybe not.) Maybe it's just because I have no energy left to give a damn (my Give-A-Damn's busted? XP), and just do it.

Whatever the reason, I am finally at the bottom of my mending pile. I have a comforter that is older than I am to recover. (1 side is ok, but the other had a ginormous rip in it), and my son's patchwork blankie needs new patches.  (Of course, being told I could chuck 8-10 pairs of Dockers b/c they don't fit anymore, and he couldn't wear them to work it they did helped! LOL)

Blankie will be the time consuming one, since it requires picking the seams on the last "blankie bandages" I put on and resewing them properly, then adding new patches, a new back, and a binding. So I decided to do the comforter.

Tacked down all the ripped bits, start pinning the new fabric on, so I can see which layout I like better before I cut.

I'm half a yard short. Half a yard. 18 fragging inches!!! D: I don't even know if the store still has that fabric, but I will be checking later today. If not, I have to decide on a new one. :whimper:

Edit, oh, and thanks to "someone" posting this link, my Johari window. XD


Apr. 3rd, 2012 05:16 pm
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OK, so I've resolved to finally stop talking about crafting for $ and start doing it. Mostly scrunchies, maybe mandala prints.

And I remember why I didn't want to do this the last time I had this Brilliant Idea!!1!!

Prototype scrunchies. Approximate yardages per round. Cost per yard. Calculated costs. Estimated prices. Hope they're not too high. Hope they're not too low. Shipping costs. Worry there's something I'm missing.

I know it's necessary, and if I was handed this as a checklist by a boss or a friend, I'd do it without (too much) bitching. But damn if I don't want to throw my hands up in the air and say, "Screw it!"

And then there's trying to figure out doing the cards. CafePress? deviantArt? RedBubble (which I just found)? a different on-demand printer? a local printer? completely DIY? :headdesk x2:

Then I look around the house and see all the work that needs to be done here. That I'm expected to do, without actually moving anything.

I swear, I'm not a violent person but I really do think I'm going to have to kill someone here.

Now I've got to find something else, but it's time to make dinner, there's laundry to do, etc, etc .... :lesigh:

On the plus side, progress is being made on claiming MY BATHROOM back from it's lowly status as Random Storage.

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So, my son's Latin teacher wants to take the students to Rome next Feb vacation.


After fees are added in, it's ~$3000 per person, plus passports, health updates, etc.


Seriously, I'd love to send him. (It also gives me something to hold over his head for the next year, now that he's too old for Santa. XP) But my husband and I would both want to go, as well. Then there's the little one (he's 6) to figure out for a week. So, assuming everyone went, we're looking at ~$12K just for the trip, at least another $500-$1k for passports & fees ........

And we'd have to have it all by the end of Oct. $2k of it by the end of August.

I know there are going to be some fundraisers to help defray the costs, but let's see. ~15 kids + 10 adults x $3k per person = $75000.

Yeah, I don't see any combination of fundraisers covering that.

I'll be over here having my pity party.

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Well, that was a bust. Too much of the old kennel has fallen onto the large boards, and I can't get them out without tearing it apart.

So it looks like it's the Buy & Mod A Greenhouse route.

If I could afford it, I'd get this one. XD

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I am down 5 chickens. I let 20 out this morning. 2 I know for a fact are dead, because I found their bodies: Lucy, my oldest red hen, and the rooster we were saving for one of my husband's coworkers. 3 are missing: the big white one I have had left, a big black one she flocked with, and the little black Silkie cross.  I just spent the past 45 mins walking around (haven't even changed out of my uniform, so I'm freezing), and located 4 of them. 1 red hen was hiding next door under a trailer; she called out to me when I walked by, calling to them. 1 of her buddies, the black hen I could find, was hiding behind the tire of a wagon out in the field. I was afraid I'd find one or both of their corpses, because I could see black feathers tumbling across the snow. She didn't call out, but she seems the be ok. The little red Hamburg they follow around (Tac. Tic's the one we lost earlier) was farther down to the barn. He wouldn't let me pick him up (he never does), so I had to put the hen down so he'd stick with her. The little white hen who's brothers we packed off was hiding in the bushes, and I mistook her for a clump of snow at first. Now that I'm thawed, I'm going to change and go back to looking. And as soon as the temps climb enough so I can work without gloves, I'm going to build that damned run, and noone is going to say shit to me. I will turn that thing into Fort goddamned Knox if I can; I don't care how much it costs.

We know for a fact it was a fox, because my mother saw him while she was leaving for work, and took the time to lock up the birds she could find, all 11 of them.

And if I get my hands on him, I will rip off his fucking head and use it as a football.


2 of 3 found: Other big black hen was found dead down by brook. Big white hen was hiding under bench behind coop (good girl!) but little black hen is still missing. I found feathers that look like hers, and some blood on the snow, so I'm not holding my breath. :(
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Came home from work yesterday to find that Dad had found 1 of my big, fat, white hens dead in the lower driveway. And last night, 2 of my roosters, one of the little red Hamburgs and big Red, were missing. Red is always with his girls. I wandered around until my fingers froze looking for them, and they weren't waiting for me to let their girls out this morning, so I'm forced to assume they're dead too. Either something like a hawk or feral cat (unlikely, since there would be a bigger mess of feathers and either a gutted or no body) or someone's Fido went for walkies.

Honestly, I kinda hope that it was wild animals, because if it was someone letting their dog run wild, I will use the 3 Ss, and can get aggravating. Of course, now that means I have to hurry up and build the "foul weather" run this weekend and make sure it's got enough space to restrict them to it permanently. Yippee.
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Been freezing my @$$ off since last night, even though the temp in the house doesn't appear to have changed. Only time I was comfy was when the furnace was actively running, and I was in bed (which is on the other side of the wall from the furnace) under the blankets. Now I'm shivering again. Add in the random sniffles, the mildly sore throat and body aches, even the scatterbrained ambition....?

:crossing my fingers that whatever it is stays mild:
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I swear I have a week in review post coming, but....! One of the things my little guy wanted for Xmas was a Zombie Virus Stress Ball. (He's 6 and needs help finding appropriate ways to channel his anger.) I've been putting off the order, trying to pin my husband down on whether or not he wants to add anything to it (he didn't) ... and now they're out of stock! They might be in stock by tomorrow, and tomorrow Noon is the cutoff for the regular ground shipping.

Poor kid! It was in his letter to Santa, too.

Head cold

Dec. 14th, 2011 08:11 am
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Damn, but I hate being sick. It's not even the yucky, lay-you-up-in-bed flu stuff, but just a cold that has stuffed my head full of cotton. Can't keep a thought in it, and trying to knit anything more complicated than garter stitch (like, say, socks, which actually have to fit) is a nightmare. I think I got 2 rounds done yesterday. (OK, so maybe I made my family Sims 3 and got sidetracked.) Fortunately, I'm not hacking or sneezing or sniffling, so I just wash my hands a lot and go through gloves like crazy at work.

On the upshot, my husband got most of the presents wrapped, and I scored some really sparkly cards while shopping this weekend. (I'm a glitter whore. Shut up.) So, if you want a shiny card, drop me your addy over here (comments screened, of course). I plan to mail them this weekend. (We mailed the letter to Santa yesterday at the post office, which is good because Santa is supposed to call tonight or tomorrow.)
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I have drawn a scale model of our living room, complete with little scale cutouts of all movable furniture (that piano ain't goin' nowhere XP). I have laid out my idea for rearranging and gotten approval. Now I am attempting to get a 6 year old to help sort his toys into "Put Away", "Give Away", and "Throw Away".

I repeat, I am attempting to get a 6 year old to pare down his toys.

Sadly, thanks to my lovely hoarding tendencies, this is easier than just doing it myself. Alcohol has been obtained, but not consumed yet. I keep getting distracted. XD If I can get it sorted and boxed, I can maybe talk my husband and my brother (if he hasn't gone home) into helping me rearrange the heavy stuff - pullout, TV - and I can handle the smaller pieces myself.

And all this so we can have a new place for our new 3 year old tree decorating tradition: Put up the tree. Put up the lights. Hand the little one costume jewelry to throw at it. Drink beer/wine.


Oct. 21st, 2011 04:06 pm
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Screw the orange juice.
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One of the roof panels on the coop (a converted greenhouse, so, plastic roof) blew off in the massive wind gusts we're getting right now. Tried to put it back on. Blew off again. Repeated 2-3 more times while waiting for my son to come back up from the barn because the bolts are rusted, and I need him inside the coop to hold a wrench on the nut, and I can't reach through chicken wire. All this for want of a few washers.

Eeeeexcept the bolts are rusted as $%!7 because this thing is just That. Damned. Old. And it's starting to rain.


Fortunately, my father came home while we were struggling, so he and Brandon went next door and came back with the rivet gun. It will hold for now. I hope.

Hopefully, Dad has big enough pieces of the aluminum roofing he put on the barn years back, and I can just replace them tomorrow. Exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon.
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Something managed to dig into the chicken coop this morning. Given the tiny gap between base and stone to dig through (and the smell) I'm going to guess skunk. We didn't lose any birds, but we are down to 5 of the original 16 eggs I found almost 2 weeks ago. We'd lost a few over the past week or so, probably just because the poor girl can only cover so many, and they got stepped on. The rest were probably eaten this morning. I'm not sure if the rest will hatch though, since it was pretty cold this morning, and obviously the hen got chased off the nest.

So, that means I really really need to finish the run and/or build a chicken tractor. The ones that Sheds & Stuff build are wonderful, but one in the size I'd need would run about $2000. Ouch! He has a used shed that would work as a tractor with a little modification, but even then it'd still be ~$1K after mods and such.

The local HS carpentry class is willing to consider building one if I can provide plans & material funds, but wouldn't you know it, my plans apparently got lost in the last reformat. Basically, I want something like this (but larger): Cluckingham Palace. It's essentially a modified storage shed on wheels. So that means I need to hit the library tomorrow for shed plans - hopefully - and then print up the Palace and make notes on how I want the shed modified to be a mobile coop. :sigh:

Oh, and my bra strap keeps twisting. XP
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Well, Jenny's pissed at me for moving her eggs & won't sit on them any more. I put them under the little black hen, but 1) she's tiny, 2) there's 16 large eggs, and 3) I don't know if the eggs got too chilled last night. :-( Oh well. The little one's been trying to hatch a golf ball she found, so maybe she'll be able to hatch a few of these out and stop being so damn broody. If not, well, I really don't have the room yet for 16 more birds. XP
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Let's see:

The ground's still soaked since Irene.

It's been raining since Monday.

Today's supposed to be the heaviest rain.

Yay! Bonus basement flooding. Awww, and I thought we were done for the year.

GDI, FML, and all that jazz.


Aug. 30th, 2011 05:14 pm
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Bitch, bitch, bitch, whine, whine, whine )

With a touch of luck, I'll land something permanent and most of the day, and that will help. My husband's job is supposed to be starting a 3rd shift in Sep or Oct, and he's all over that. It means an extra 5% differential, and actually being able to see us more than once a week. So there's a lot of potential good financial news in the air, but I won't count on it until I have the checks in my hand.


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